Great Opportunities

by Valeria Aluni

In this world, there is a crazy adventure for everyone who hopes. 
In this world, there is a crazy adventure for everyone who hopes. -Valeria

Today, I’d like to emphasize the opportunities that life gives us. We can choose to either live and embrace them consciously and take them as opportunities, or we can fail to notice them and take them as the small unnoticed miracles in our lives.

Everyone has different opportunities in life. It is up to each of us to take them and use them in our favor.

We live in a world that is full of opportunities, and we can choose to see it as a glass half full instead of half empty.

A couple of weeks ago I was busy working when suddenly I received a business card. I took it, captivated by the inexplicable energy from the woman who was handing it to me after explaining a little bit about what her organization does.

If I had not shown kindness and been attentive to her words, as it is easy to do in our present fast-paced lives, I would be missing this wonderful opportunity to write here today and to share my story with all of you.

That day I was actually having a hard time staying focused at work. I kept thinking I had to work simply because adults have to work, not because I was engaged and motivated. Adults work. That’s how it is. But, why is that how it has to be? Work for the sake of work. Who planted that idea in us, anyway?

That day was a day devoid of meaning. Total monotony. This internal struggle was taking its toll on me and on my energy; it was dragging me down.

I wanted to do something that was more than that. More than working because that’s what’s expected, because “that’s just how it is.” I wanted to do something that would fill my life with joy and meaning.

So, when I got home that night, I didn’t hesitate to pick up that card and reach out. I took the opportunity that life had given me that day and asked for another one.

With this brief reflection I’d like to invite you to take these small opportunities that life hands to you, and make them big.

They can turn our lives around and give them meaning.


Valeria is a UniversalGiving Ambassador.

She firmly believes that children are the destiny of humanity and that books open doors to the world of imagination, creativity, and proactivity. That is part of the reason why she feels motivated to work for literacy efforts for children.

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