Our World, Our Community: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Our world is in crisis. Millions of our fellow humans are fleeing their homes, seeking shelter in countries far from the lands, people, and lives that they have always known. As violence escalates in Syria, millions flee for fear of the civil war that ravages their country.

What Can You Do to Address this Crisis?

1. Get Educated: Read and learn about the world around you. Find out what Mercy Corps is doing to address the crisis, and join hands with the thousands of other people fighting to protect the basic human needs and rights of our global community.

2. Join Our Crisis Partners: UniversalGiving is committed to connecting volunteers and donors with the fantastic organizations who are on the ground providing support for refugees. Together, we can make an impact.

3. Support World Food Program USA: Each month, WFP reaches approximately 4 million internally displaced Syrians and an additional 1.5 million Syrian refugees in neighboring companies. With your generous donations, WFP will provide nutritious meals to the millions affected by the crisis across Syria and neighboring countries. Join UniversalGiving in providing support to this worthy cause.

Thank you for supporting our vision for a World Where Giving and Volunteering are a Natural Part of Everyday Life.™


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