Brand Image and the Importance of CSR in the New Digital Age Part 3

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By Matt Gallagher

Developing CSR Programs Conveniently, Efficiently and Effectively

Time, planning and management do not necessarily have to be a big part of your investment in CSR. Websites and services like UniversalGiving can handle all of the legwork so that your contribution is focused on providing a greater good. Your administrative requirements remain minimal, with 100 percent of your donation going directly to the cause of your choosing. Charitable organizations such as UniversalGiving can handle the administrative end, vetting projects through a trademarked, proprietary Quality Model. They consult on proper methods of engaging with nonprofits and how you can maximize your social impact. UniversalGiving clients gain a viable way of helping to build a sustainable society, contributing to a better world while improving reputation and likability among their employee base and their consumers.

Sample Case

Cisco Systems, Inc.: Donation Programs Vetted, Saving Time and Money

The worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate, Cisco Systems designs, manufactures, and sells computer networking services and product equipment. UniversalGiving partnered with Cisco to provide highly customized international and domestic NGO Vetting Services, as well as implement the Launch a City program. UniversalGiving vets all of Cisco’s grants based on its proprietary Quality Model TM. More than 500 nonprofits have been vetted for Cisco’s Matching Gifts Program and UniversalGiving vets all of Cisco’s international giving platforms. UniversalGiving  also helped the company implement its Launch a City Program to determine the best CSR Strategy and Implementation across 40 cities in which Cisco is based around the world.

The successful partnership has enabled Cisco to ensure that all Cisco employees can donate to vetted, on-the-ground NGOs. The efforts save Cisco time and money by handling all operational and client-support services such as NGO related calls and inquiries. By encouraging a culture of generosity in their business plan, Cisco boosted employee morale and brand image, improving client retention and employee incentive.

UniversalGiving Corporate

UniversalGiving Corporate (UGC) is a customized service helping Fortune 500 companies scale their Corporate Social Responsibility programs worldwide.  UniversalGiving Corporate handles the strategy, operations and NGO vetting for corporations, ensuring the success of their giving and volunteering programs.  

What We Do

magnifying glassInternational Vetting

We vet every non-profit and project with our 24-stage Quality Model (TM). You’re ensured superior, top performing partnerships.


globeTargeted Expansion

You pick the city, nation or region. We match your employees with high quality local nonprofits. We go where you operate – or plan to set up shop.


plus signDisaster Response

We help you create and operate immediate disaster response programs, connecting you to localized expert NGOs across the globe.


Cpeopleross System Collaboration

We work seamlessly with your giving platforms, so you don’t have to handle back and forth NGO communications and technology issues.


lightbulb1CSR Consulting

We have the industry and international expertise to help design, launch, manage, and communicate your good work globally.


In Summary

While CSR obviously benefits society, it also stands as an investment in a company’s brand image, client acquisition potential, and ability to attract high quality talent.

As Carroll and Shabana conclude in their paper, “the business case for corporate social responsibility can be made. While it is valuable for a company to engage in CSR for altruistic and ethical justifications, the highly competitive business world in which we live requires that, in allocating resources to socially responsible initiatives, firms continue to consider their own business needs. In the last decade, in particular, empirical research has brought evidence of the measurable payoff of CSR initiatives on firms as well as their stakeholders.”

Perhaps that explains why, according to a Wharton School Analysis, as recently as 10 years ago, only about a dozen Fortune 500 companies issued a CSR report. Now, more than half do.

Fortunately, CSR does not need to be a reinvention of the wheel or require much corporate commitment beyond the financial. Charitable organizations such as UniversalGiving can provide the strategy, operations and expert NGO vetting for corporations, ensuring the chosen causes are appropriate, just and customized to a company’s unique social needs. Investing in a better future ultimately builds a better company and a greater world for our children and grandchildren to prosper.

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