If You Can’t Run, Fly

can run fly

“If you can’t fly, run.
If you can’t run, walk.
If you can’t walk, crawl.
But by all means, keep moving.”

 – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Be Inspired by an audio version of this blog post:

As an entrepreneur, you can’t be held back. You consistently pursue your vision, regardless of what you are thrown.  If anyone tells me it can’t be done, or it will slow things down, I understand that may be the case. Yet at the same time, we must relentlessly, and with positive attitudes, pursue.

We push ourselves to think more creatively. We use the resources we have and express gratitude. We believe we can do it, we inspire others to join us, and do the best we can.

But we don’t stop.

One of the ways I finish a marathon is the following:

“If I took the last step, then I take the next step.  The only reason I wouldn’t take that step is if I told to myself to stop.”

Keep going, and you will achieve your vision.

Reader, I believe in you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or faced with any challenges in life, take the next step. Yes, you can.



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