Every Day, Something New


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If you look at every day as revealing something new,  then your life will be filled with joy. 

It is that simple.

There is no “same old, same old”…

There is no humdrum.  There is no “boring”.

In fact, “boring” was a swear word according to my beloved Oma. My grandmother was a prolific influence in my life. She was the first female woodwind at the Juilliard School for Music in New York and she was extremely perseverant in making her career happen. You can read more about her in the New York Times, or to read more on her influence on my life, click here.

My Oma was Frances Blaisdell, and she took nothing for granted. She worked very hard. She accepted every performance, large or small, performing to two hundred people — or two. In her mind, everyone deserved a performance.

My Oma experienced the Depression, but my Oma’s work ethic was due more than just to a time in our economy.

She loved to work. She grew up on a farm and they had to do a lot of canning of beans, peas, jams, and jellies in order to save for the winter time. While it was a lot of work, she knew it had to be done.

Later, when she had to work really hard on the flute, it was an absolute joy! She would rather practice than do canning, any day.

Hard work often makes us appreciate hard work that we love.


However, sometimes we face tasks that we don’t enjoy. Yet there is always something new to be learned. If you feel as if you are involved in drudgery, then why not think about the future vision of your life. If a task seems similar, then try it a different way. If you drive to work the same way everyday, find a different route, cook a different recipe, try a new yoga class.  Don’t just accept life as it is.

Life has glorious gifts, every day. Every day!

Every day we need to be grateful for what we can learn, experience, or be involved with.

Every day has something special, whether it is the kind outreach to the homeless person you passed by, a sweet smile to a co-worker, or a beloved call to your mother.

Don’t let the day pass without letting something special and new happen.

If you look for it, every day has something new to learn or a new way to give.

Don’t miss it…

This is a photo of me performing with my grandmother, Frances Blaisdell, my mom Alexandra Hawley, and me at age 10. It was my debut at Stanford.  I was so grateful for  my long dress as I was shaking.



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