Feeding the Future: Child Food Security

By Sophia Russell


In 2012, I traveled to Peru on a linguistics and community service trip. There, I volunteered at a daycare that one of my homestay parents’ children attended. When it came time for lunch, Superman and Little Mermaid lunch boxes were pulled off a shelf and dispersed. Most ate foods such as rice, bread, beans, chips, while a lucky few had pieces of chicken and fruit as well. The contrast from living in the Bay Area, where matters like eating organic fruits or meat are an everyday occurrence, to being in a country where even having a form of healthy food is questionable made the experience eye-opening.

Having the ability to access nutritious food should be a basic right no matter which country you live in. As Ann Wigmore said, “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison,” impeding the health of children and too often resulting in child undernourishment.

Help tackle this problem and make a difference in the international community by donating to international non-profits that work to increase food security. Give Your 100%


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