Buying Fair Trade


By Bronte Kass

Why make the effort, take the the time or spend the money to purchase clothing and items that are fair trade and ethically produced?

Between Nike’s sweatshop scandal, Forever 21’s cheap practices, the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, and the highly toxic leather industry, there are unacceptable labor practices, human rights violations, and a lack of ethics throughout much of fashion and manufacturing.  And did you know fashion is the world’s third most polluting industry, and the second largest consumer of water?

While it may take time for businesses to change every malpractice, consumers are fortunate to have a say in their purchases and to speak with their dollars.  More than ever, it is incredibly important to choose excellent companies, support their causes, and know the quantitative difference – made with every purchase.

Buying fair trade applies to food and other industries as well, but here are just a few of my favorite wonderful entrepreneurs in the clothing industry.  I encourage you to look and maybe even fall in love!

Not only do they employ good practices, but they also implement sustainability throughout every step of production and support other nonprofits.  It is better to consume fewer products and tread lightly, but equally important that when we do take steps, they have a positive impact.

Don’t support the cruelties of fast fashion.  Let’s reward these positive changemakers in our world!


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