Eating Ethically

By Bronte Kass

You probably know someone who is vegetarian or vegan, but how familiar are you with what that means?

What you put into your body is a very personal decision, and in no way do I claim to be a nutritionist!  However, removing meat and animals products is the way I’ve been able to eat most ethically.

More than a diet or the latest trend, being plant-based is a lifestyle with significant benefits for your health, for your wallet, for other human beings, and for the planet – in addition to saving the lives of between 200 and 300 animals every year!

Why should you eat a plant-based meal this week?

Additionally, there are extensive books and Internet resources on this topic, from support transitioning and delicious recipe ideas, to educational videos and powerful documentaries (I recommend Cowspiracy or Earthlings).

I’ve been vegetarian and now vegan for over five years  – and my only regret is not doing it sooner!  I encourage you to do some research and explore the benefits of being plant-based beyond your preconceived notions, the typical vegan stereotypes or what the media says.  There is no better time to take care of your health, bring compassion to your plate, and leave meat and animals products off it!


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