The Top 6 Ways to Support UniversalGiving

  1. Shop!

Who knew shopping could help the world?  By shopping through  UniversalGiving’s unique link on AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate between 4.5% and 8% of your purchase to UniversalGiving!  AmazonSmile offers the same Amazon products at the same low prices, no added cost to you.  The more you shop, the more you support UniversalGiving!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register with AmazonSmile: Click here and sign into your Amazon account.  From there, it will ask if you would like to select UniversalGiving as your charity.  Click yes!
  2. Click on our custom link, to begin making purchases!
  3. Bookmark our link for your future Amazon purchases!

Be sure to share this link with friends and family!  Click here to share your support!

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2. Volunteer with UniversalGiving

Looking for an impactful summer getaway or a”travelthropy” opportunity?  Look no further!  Volunteer through UniversalGiving and find a variety of ways to help better the international community.  Take a trip to Vietnam and teach children English, or visit a chimpanzee rescue center in Cameroon.  When you volunteer through UniversalGiving, you can travel the world with a purpose.  Not only will you do great things, you’ll feel great doing them.

3. Give a gift

You can also stay right at home and still make a big impact.  Giving a gift through UniversalGiving guarantees that 100% of your donations will go to a cause you care about.  Just ten dollars can provide a child with a mosquito net or a nutritious meal.  You can even give a loved one a gift certificate from UniversalGiving and allow them to choose what cause they want the money to go to.  Gift certificates are perfect for the holidays or birthdays if you’re looking for  a gift that gives back!

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4. Fund a project

Looking to give back but don’t have the time to go on a volunteer trip?  Donate to one of our vetted NGOs’ projects to help fund vital causes.  From creating a clean water system for a Chiapas community to helping create sustainable livelihood for female farmers in India, your contributions are crucial to making these projects come to fruition and, ultimately, benefitting a community in need.

5. Raise for a Cause

If you feel particularly passionate about a cause or multiple causes, why not create your own fundraising page?  Set a deadline or a dollar goal and share your page with friends and family.  Simply add your favorite projects, gifts, and organizations to your personal list and get started!

6. Share your support!

Finally, an easy way to get involved is to share your support for UniversalGiving!  Click the below Facebook or Twitter icon to share your support for UniversalGiving to friends and family on your social media.  It’s as simple as that! Telling others about UniversalGiving and all the good we do is a great way for you to make an impact and help create a world where giving and volunteering are a natural part of everyday life™.

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