NGO Spotlight: Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation

In a world filled with poverty, philanthropists must ask themselves how they can break this unfair cycle where poor families continue to stay poor.  Children all across the globe are at a distinct disadvantage because they lack the resources and guidance needed to gain career opportunities.  How do you make an impactful change to address this issue?  By providing children with an education and keeping them safe from harm.  This is what the Shirley Ann Sullivan Foundation does on a daily basis.

        Since 2001, Shirley Ann Sullivan has been making children’s lives better by providing them with a framework for a healthy life.  The main focuses of Shirley Ann are sending children to school, protecting children from bullying and exploitation and helping youth figure out career opportunities.  Putting a child into a classroom and getting them off the streets makes a world of difference. When you give a child the opportunity to learn in a safe and friendly environment, that child has the potential to become inspired to do something with their life that they may have not thought to be possible beforehand.  Education creates successful and fulfilled people and leads to progress in both the community and the nation.

        Child safety is a big problem in today’s world.  Children are especially vulnerable because of their size and sense of reasoning.  Shirley Ann has come up with an innovative way of alerting people that you are in danger while being silent.  They call it the V sign.  One simply places their hand on their chest and spreads their thumb apart from their other fingers to make the shape of the V.  Parents are educated to call the police if they see a child or teen using the V sign in public.

Lastly, Shirley Ann empowers the youth by providing education through employment workshops.  These educational workshops give young people a sense of direction and a goal to work towards.  This NGO is in favor of supporting youth-run organizations for these workshops.  These organizations prepare young people for success in the global nongovernmental marketplace.

If you want to learn more about Shirley Ann Sullivan Foundation, you can check out their page on the UniversalGiving Website    

smiling school children       



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