NGO Spotlight: Globe Aware Elephants in Thailand

Traveling abroad is an incredibly rewarding experience. One can immerse in a new culture and learn the indigenous people’s traditions and customs. However, an alternative to the standard vacation abroad is the volunteer vacation. The volunteer vacation involves working with an organization to provide some kind of service, either benefitting people, animals or the environment. A volunteer vacation can be fulfilling in many ways and produce lasting memories.

Globe Aware is one NGO that offers volunteer programs in international environments. All of their volunteer trips are professionally planned and led leaving the volunteer with an organized and rewarding experience. In Thailand, Globe Aware is working to save the Asian elephant. The Asian elephant is slightly smaller than its African cousin but what they have in common is that they are both becoming more and more endangered.

Globe Aware works with locals of the Surin Province in Thailand to protect elephants asian elephantfrom lives in circuses and street begging operations. Volunteers plant food crops such as bamboo, native grasses and shelters for the elephants. Elephants eat a lot, around 500 to 600 pounds a day. So a large part of a volunteer’s daily activities involve both the planting and cutting of crops.

This project is about long-term sustainability for these elephants. Creating lasting homes where the elephants are free from harm. Helping these animals in turn helps the surrounding community because of tourism. Thus the whole local community in Surin benefits from a volunteer’s activities.  If you are interested in this opportunity visit us at UniversalGiving!



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