The Good Intentions of Innocence

By Ariana Cvitanic

We’re born into this world with child-like wonder and imagination. Our creativity has no end; our thoughts are free to fly as high as they can. But somewhere along the path of growing up, this hope and innocence are lost.

The world seems to be burdened by the weight of unsolvable problems that seem too heavy to tackle.

But one of my biggest inspirations is myself at age three.

As a toddler, I loved preschool. I loved playing on the playground with my classmates and singing songs and listening to stories. But most of all, I loved snack time. I remember the anticipation of waiting each day to see what yummy treat awaited us.

But one day, I decided not to eat my snack. It wasn’t because I was not hungry, but it was because of something that had resonated within my little 3-year-old mind.

So I took my snack and threw it straight into the trash.

My teacher saw this and was confused by my actions. She let my mother know about it later that day when she came to pick me up from school. My mother agreed that this was strange behavior for me, and so she said she would talk to me about it.

I calmly explained to my mother that I did not want my snack that day because I wanted to give it to someone who was hungrier than I was.

Earlier that day, I had seen a homeless man looking throughtrashcan-735820_960_720.jpg the trash. When I asked my mother what he was doing, she explained that not everyone had the privileges that we did to have food everyday, nice clothes to wear, and a warm place to sleep.

I had made a connection between the garbage and homeless people. I often saw those in need searching through the trash for something of value. I knew these people were hungry, and naturally, I thought that the trash was my direct avenue to feed them. It did not occur to me that throwing away a bowl of soup was not exactly an effective way of feeding the poor . But I was doing my best with what I had to help in a way that I thought was meaningful. And that’s all we can really do.

My good will was there and I believed that I was helping feed someone that day. And to this day, I hope to never lose this innocent hope that small acts of kindness can make a positive change.

Because if you perform an action with good intentions and kindness, nothing can go to waste.



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