NGO Spotlight: Nepali Youth Foundation

It’s so natural to get distracted and forget that the most basic matters every child deserves since birth are not actually provided for every child around the globe. In Nepal during the 1950’s, hill tribes started moving into the more fertile valleys, displacing the natives, taking their land, and finally indenturing the native families as farm laborers. These newfound landowners started to “buy” the female children of the farmers, girls as young as five years old, and forced them to work as indentured slaves. Girls lost their families, homes, education, safety, and their childhood. This practice became a terrible tradition, turning these young and unprotected girls into what is known as a Kamlari, a form of indentured servitude.

Enter the Nepal Youth Foundation, a beautiful nonprofit bringing hope to the children of the impoverished kingdom of Nepal. In 2000, the Nepal Youth Foundation launched a campaign to end the practice of Kamlari and since then have rescued over 12,700 girls, returning them to their families and communities! These girls have suffered a great deal of traumatic loss during these vital years in their childhood and also have been provided with zero education.

The program that the Nepal Youth Foundation has started is called Empowering Freed Kamlaris and it hits directly to what these girls really need. In order for these girls to be inspired and bring power back into their lives, they need to be brought back to basic education to be able to pass their Final School Exam. These girls typically struggle with this test without extra support and tutoring, due to the lack of prior education and support. Empowering Freed Kamlaris is able to facilities 8,000 girls and young women with full time staff that provides these females with amazing mentoring, training, and other specialized services in conjunction with other NYF programs in order to bring them back up to a comfortable and meaningful place within education and necessary confidence. These courses vary from Leadership Training, Economic Development, Career Training and Counseling, and even Psychological Support. It is so easy to forget how blessed we have all been with the education and support we have been provided but now YOU too can be apart of turning freed Kamlari girls from vulnerable and impoverished to empowered, strong and educated women!

Here is an amazing video done by ABC7 News showing the work NYF does to free these girls from slavery.

If you would like to learn more about the Nepal Youth Foundation and their program to Empower Freed Kamlaris, visit their page on the  UniversalGiving website!


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