Hurricane Matthew: What happened & How to Help

Hurricane Matthew barreled over the American Ocean early Tuesday, October 4th 2016 and left devastation throughout Haiti. At least 11 people have died and the other 350,000 survivors are left in critical and susceptible positions, leaving them vulnerable to sickness, water pollution, and starvation. Haiti was still trying to recover from the earthquake that hit in 2010. To make matters worse, many of the destroyed areas are cut off by washed-out bridges, mudslides and floods leaving communication mostly severed. After Haiti, Matthew continued to hit Cuba, the Bahamas, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and is assumed to hit Florida and some of our coastal states on Thursday.

UniversalGiving has numerous partners, such as International Medical CorpsMercy Corps, Operation USA, USA for UNHCR, World Food Program and Direct Relief that are first-responders and helping on the ground, receiving donations in this moment. These donations have a massive impact as it allows live saving supplies such as food, clean, water, medical aid and more to be given to the those affected. UniversalGiving has created a project fund on our website allowing the public to show their support. 100% of those donations will go directly to our partners to allow for the best medical aid and care to be sent to those who need it now.

Here are some projects on the UniversalGiving website that you can visit to support humanitarian aid for this crisis:

Hurricane Matthew Emergency Relief Fund by Universal Giving

Hurricane Matthew Response Fund by International Medical Corps

Support Global Emergency Response by Mercy Corps

Hurricane Matthew Relief by Direct Relief

By Brittany Horwich

Photo Credit: Logan Abassi UN/MINUSTAH on World Food Program USA’s website

Video Credit: Operation USA


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