Awaken the Love

At UniversalGiving, our shared vision of what the world should be unites our team. This week, one of our amazing executive assistants, Angel Sun, shares why she was attracted to work for UniversalGiving. “I chose UniversalGiving because we have the same vision and believe. I wish to awaken the love in people’s heart, so we can all be more loving and willing to share. We can all truly contribute whatever we can to help the needy, and make the world how it is supposed to be.” -Angel Sun, Executive Assistant Continue reading Awaken the Love

Inspiring Change Through Photography

By: Kristine Morales How can art impact social change?  As the desire for a better world becomes a more imaginable future, artists are realizing that creativity can inspire and educate people around the globe. Nuru Project is an organization that utilizes photography as a way  to create a difference  in developing nations.  Through photography auctions, the organization creates opportunities for socially involved photographers to become agents of change.  Donated works are auctioned and 100% of the proceeds are distributed to a charity featuring the show’s theme usually related to the devastating poverty in developing countries. The concept is an innovative … Continue reading Inspiring Change Through Photography

Applying the Business Model to Nonprofits

We are so lucky to have interns and employees who think critically about the world and the interconnections that exist. Below is a quote from Ted about why he decided to join UniversalGiving! “I’ve been interested in social entrepreneurship  for several years. The idea of using business principles to achieve social good was instantly appealing to me. When I heard Pamela Hawley speak at Duke University, I could tell that’s what she was all about—running a nonprofit like a business to make an impact. I especially appreciated UniversalGiving’s hybrid business model. UniversalGiving is a nonprofit website funded via donations and … Continue reading Applying the Business Model to Nonprofits

NGO Spotlight: Osa Conservation

  Have you ever been to Costa Rica? You might know this tiny country in Central America by its breathtaking forests and its abundant and varied wildlife. In 2015, these natural wonders attracted over 2.6 million tourists! However, Costa Rica will not continue to be the beautiful attraction that it is today without conscious, driven organizations like Osa Conservation, who are striving to protect these delicate ecosystems. Founded in 2003, Osa Conservation aims to conserve and restore the biological diversity of the Osa Peninsula. Located in the southwest corner of Costa Rica, this location has been deemed by National Geographic as “the most … Continue reading NGO Spotlight: Osa Conservation

Cambodia: An Inspiring Story of Survival with Thoughts from Beth Kanter

by Anis Salvesen Imagine that between 1863 and 1980, colonization – becoming an exploitable source of riches for an overseas power that viewed your race as inferior –  would turn out to be the least of your country’s worries.   Worse than colonization was when another overseas power decided, about a century later, that it was okay to drop bombs on your people in order to get to enemy forces waging guerilla warfare from your soil.  The result? A couple million people became refugees. The number of dead as a result of the bombings ?  The number will be forever contested. … Continue reading Cambodia: An Inspiring Story of Survival with Thoughts from Beth Kanter