New Year, New Resolve


It’s the beginning of the New Year and we all know that that means – New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us get really excited about these – a new year, a new goal (or goals!). Others just shrug and write something down on a scrap piece of paper, knowing that, this paper only has a few days before it gets lost in the mess and stress and rubble of life.

A few years ago, one of UniversalGiving’s staff members, Cheryl Mahoney, noted in a blog post the low amount of people that actually keep their resolutions for the full year. She recommends this blog entry which offers two reasons regarding why people can’t keep the first promise they make at the beginning of every year and tips on how to be more successful on the resolution front this year.

UniversalGiving wishes you lots of luck with your 2017 New Year’s resolution, whatever it may be. We hope that in addition to helping yourself, you will consider a resolution that encourages you to help others, too. Whether or not it’s January 1st, we can always resolve to make a difference.



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