Inspiring Change Through Photography

By: Kristine Morales

How can art impact social change?  As the desire for a better world becomes a more imaginable future, artists are realizing that creativity can inspire and educate people around the globe.

Nuru Project is an organization that utilizes photography as a way  to create a difference  in developing nations.  Through photography auctions, the organization creates opportunities for socially involved photographers to become agents of change.  Donated works are auctioned and 100% of the proceeds are distributed to a charity featuring the show’s theme usually related to the devastating poverty in developing countries. The concept is an innovative take on philanthropy. Interrelating modern art and altruism represents a new way for artists to not only express their creativity but also influence its viewers about the hardships of the rest of the world.

Curiously glancing into each photograph creates a sudden invitation into an unvisited life,  whether it’s pain, despair, or the genuine happiness seen through the graceful stance of a ballerina. Amidst the mishap of the world, it’s inspiring to view the unique culture and genuine story told within a piece of work. They are beautiful photographs that captivate. I feel touched and suddenly realize that it is a view from these photographers’ lenses that affirm how beautiful work resonates in every people.

Check out their Facebook page here.


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