Spread the Love

“I have a slice of bread, that’s it, I don’t eat unless you eat, so we share this. I will not eat the slice of bread. Even though I need it more than you do, I will give it to you” -Katli Sekete

This is Ubuntu.

I spent six months in the Joza Township in Grahamstown, South Africa assisting a family of 25 Xhosa orphans and their one mother. Through my service I became part of the Ngcangca family. They taught me the South African word Ubuntu which is over-generous human kindness to one another because we are interdependent and exist because of each other. 

“I can’t live without you. I can’t be free if you’re not free, because I am who I am because of you. Everything you do directly has an impact on me”

In pockets of South Africa Ubuntu lives on. It is deep enough that a family who has gone two or three days at a time without food will give food to their neighbors. My beautiful South African family taught me invaluable lessons about how to spread the love.

Spread the love and volunteer in South Africa!

By UG Team Member, Molly Dietrich