Random Acts of Kindness Day

Spread your kindness and take our quick RAK Day survey. It’s fun!

Walk down the street and smile at a stranger. He’ll smile at the next stranger passing by, and then the whole street is smiling. And no one knows why.  — Juliana Margulies

This is one of UniversalGiving’s CEO Pamela Hawley’s favorite quotes!

Pamela believes “The only reason why we need to smile…is simply to give joy.  Give joy to ourselves and to others…it’s one of our main reasons for being.  And while people may not know why you are smiling, they’ll soon find out:  It makes the world go around with peacefulness, graciousness and lovingkindness.  That’s reason enough. :)”

At UniversalGiving we are celebrating Random Act of Kindness Day with lots of smiles! If you want to join us and make people all over the world smile, check out our giving opportunities. And don’t forget to take this fun survey (you could be featured on UG’s social media!)

If smiling is not enough, here are more ways to spread kindness on Random Acts of Kindness Day!

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