Challenging, Heartfelt Times

By CEO Pamela Hawley

Today, our world seems filled with challenges. Most conversations start with the state of our government, fear for our future, our families and freedoms. We’re facing a tough time in our country and the world. But we must hold to constructive hope.  

We must hold to what we can do, in our hearts, minds and actions.

We’ll take on one area in this discussion. The U.N. recognizes more than 65,000 refugees — but we know there are many more. So, we need to support refugees, human rights, basic freedoms, at home and everywhere. But it doesn’t stop there.

Further, we need to also support host countries. For example, in Lebanon now — more than 50% of students in the schools are Syrian. It’s nearly breaking the Lebanese systems. We need help with refugee absorption, including financial stability, healthcare, and neighborhood integration. It also includes refugees simply feeling welcomed, and host countries feeling they have new friends and partners to strengthen their communities. 

Border host countries don’t decide how many refugees they take in. People just flow over the borders. People in serious need, people who face daily threats to their lives and children — every day. You don’t put a quota on that. You have to accept them, and you do. So, these countries need support, too. They have amazing courage as the make-up of their country is changing every day.

So, at UniversalGiving, we’ll take a strong tack on all the above that focuses on what you can do in a small way. People are so overwhelmed and we want to help lift the oppression. We can be a positive force that uplifts people. What we suggest allows people to make a difference right now: small acts, such as simply smiling at others, helping someone across the street, or even cleaning up after someone spills something! That is an action, and it’s free to all, and immediately “givable.” On the same front, what you do with your hands is equally important. You can take simple, practical, profound actions. You can tap on a new neighbor’s door from El Salvador and write a note to welcome them if they have newly arrived. You can cook a meal for a new teacher who has arrived from Sri Lanka.

We can be depressed and scared and angry — and you pass those thoughts on to someone. Or you can pass on peace. What you do with your mind can have a profound impact. Therefore, we can bring a peaceful mind to every conversation, and a peaceful action in every moment of your day. We can expect the best, and act for the best, for a better world. 


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