Fight malaria with tech

Over the last five years, global cases of malaria dropped by 21%, but there is still a lot of work to do. About 429,000 people lost their lives to malaria in 2015, and 90% of those malaria deaths were in sub-image (3)Saharan Africa. This region is disproportionately affected by malaria and One Mobile Projector per Trainer (OMPT) has created an innovative strategy for fighting the disease Gambia.

OMPT teaches each community how to organize and spread valuable knowledge about malaria and prevention through video technology. Cameras, projectors and other important equipment are provided. OMPT runs 4-day video education workshops to teach the local organizations and community members how to use this equipment. Through the use of video technology, rural communities in Gambia can mobilize and share innovative information.

OMPT has deployed 1,989 projectors to underserved communities, giving them access to knowledge about malaria that is life-saving.

Donate to OMPT’s malaria prevention projects here.


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