Spending the Evening in San Francisco?

Kurt Bodden

Kurt Bodden as Steve Seabrook

The hit solo show STEVE SEABROOK: BETTER THAN YOU is currently playing at The Marsh in San Francisco. This satire of the personal-growth industry has just been extended for the third time. Writer/performer Kurt Bodden is a UniversalGiving supporter, and will be making a donation to UniversalGiving. We’re encouraging supporters to attend the performance on Saturday, July 20th!

The SF Examiner raves that the show is “filled with laughs!” and calls the performance “pitch-perfect.” The Chronicle says, “Steve Seabrook is very funny — with perhaps a little enlightenment thrown in as well.”

You’ll learn things like how to embrace procrastination while it lasts, and the importance of living vicariously through yourself. Bottom line: you’ll get three days of self-help in a little over an hour.

Kurt Bodden warmed up audiences for “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” trained in sketch comedy at The Groundlings, was a Company member at BATS Improv, and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe. Now he’s in this held-over run with a character The Contra Costa Times calls “a joyously inane self-help guru.”

And it’s at The Marsh, in the heart of the Mission district’s restaurants and bars, so you can make a night of it, too.

Saturdays at 8:30 through August 24 — July 20 is UniversalGiving night!

The Marsh San Francisco
1062 Valencia Street (near 22nd St.)
Parking at 21st & Bartlett; 3 blocks from 24th & Mission BART
Tickets $15 – $35 sliding scale
Info, tickets and a video sample at themarsh.org/Kurt_Bodden. Or call The Marsh at 415-282-3055.

UniversalGiving at the Commonwealth Club – Video Highlights!

by Steven Chang

On August 11, 2011, founder & CEO Pamela Hawley led a panel of Fortune 500 Corporate Social Responsibility executives in discussing the innovations and practical lessons learned from launching CSR programs all over the world. We’ve taken the highlights from this exciting event and created shorter videos for your learning and enjoyment!

Pamela Hawley on NGO Vetting

Here’s what founder & CEO Pamela Hawley had to say about NGO vetting through UniversalGiving™, which has even helped Fortune 500 companies ensure the success of global CSR programs.

Secrets to Success: Go Become Famous!

Mark Edmunds of Deloitte LLP gave an especially creative & insightful response when Pamela asked him to share his “words of wisdom” regarding global CSR. We’d like to share it with you!

Global CSR Benefits: The Bottom Line

Not only does CSR create positive social outcome, but it also contributes to a company’s bottom line. Here’s how Pamela and Gabriele Zedlmayer of Hewlett-Packard explained it.

Global CSR Challenges: Co-Chairs & Cross-Training

One of these challenges of CSR is operating global CSR programs led solely by employee volunteers. Pamela Hawley and Trisa Thompson of Dell, Inc. explored the topic of cross-training and co-chairs on a global level.

The Commonwealth Club of California has been hosting public forums with exciting speakers for more than 100 years. More information on the Commonwealth Club of California can be found here.

The Intersection of Business and Social: Making Meaning Matter

UniversalGiving has partnered with SOCAP12: Making Meaning Matter in San Francisco, a conference featuring the world’s pioneering impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, civic leaders and innovators. This year’s conference takes place October 1-4, 2012, and serves to create intersections where you – with friends and valuable strangers – mobilize resources and capital for good.

SOCAP believes that to create the world we want, we have to bring all of our selves to the tasks – from our passion, to our time and talent, to our investment dollars – that’s what it takes to make meaning matter.

The themes for this year’s SOCAP closely tie in with UniversalGiving’s vision to “Create A World Where Giving And Volunteering Are A Natural Part Of Everyday Life.”™ SOCAP is the market at the intersection of money and meaning; it’s a place where we put purpose together with capital. Similarly, UniversalGiving Corporate strives to make global Corporate Social Responsibility necessary for every company. By helping Fortune 500 companies establish and manage CSR programs, UniversalGiving Corporate helps companies strengthen their global brand; increase corporate employee giving and volunteer rates; increase employee retention and attraction; and build a stronger, more loyal client base. SOCAP also understands the importance of this intersection between business and “doing good”. SOCAP12 connects investors and entrepreneurs, public and private sectors, technology providers and technology users in an attempt to create better solutions to the world’s problems. Meaning is at the heart of the market; SOCAP is the place where people bring their intentions to make a difference and make connections to push their projects and goals forward.

This year SOCAP is offering both entry-level and expert-level workshops, with over 150 keynotes and panelists from across the globe, with a wide range of expertise in social innovation. Check out the event themes, confirmed participants, and register with 30% off today! Visit SOCAP12


PhotoPhilanthropy: Achieving Social Impact through Imagery

By Bridget Botelho

We are happy to share about a new organization that shares our mission of striving to make the world a better place!

San Francisco-based nonprofit, PhotoPhilanthropy, is bringing art and creativity to social change.  The organization has created a platform for photographers to collaborate, share, and connect with other nonprofit organizations in efforts to drive philanthropy through photography.

Through PhotoPhilanthropy, photographers can network with nonprofit organizations to volunteer and photograph specific projects.  Also through the site, photographers can share their work with nonprofits, share their experiences, and even search for grants that will help continue their efforts.

On January 22, PhotoPhilanthropy will be hosting a panel of speakers to discuss how photography can be used for social change.  The event will be hosted at the California College for the Arts in San Francisco from 10am to 1pm.  Presentation topics include visual storytelling for nonprofits, the value of non-profit photography for socially concerned photographers, and how non-profits and photographers collaborate to make an impact.

For more information and to register for the panel, click HERE

A Good Idea Indeed

By Andrea Xu, Marketing Intern/Executive Assistant to the CEO 

In our busy society, it is so easy to forget how far a small, random act of kindness can go. In an age where everyone is glued to his or her iPhones, emails, and personal planners, we have become so absorbed in our own bubbles that sometimes we forget that we are still surrounded in a community, a community where issues such as homelessness are still prevalent.

And this is where A Good Idea steps in. A Good Idea encourages positive social change that connects people with others who want to help alleviate poverty and homelessness in their local communities. A Good Idea creates solutions through its team of experts and volunteers, using connections through service, education, and technology in order to help accomplish its goals.

Although San Francisco is the home base for A Good Idea, this organization is starting to expand and can now be found in New Jersey. Each year A Good Idea hosts numerous creative events that help fight against poverty and homelessness such as a Good Day in San Francisco, where over 100 volunteers help serve approximately 75 homeless individuals in the community, offering an array of services such as clothing, massages, and a gourmet meal.

What I really love about A Good Idea is its emphasis on compassion and empathy. While it is great that the organization hosts a variety of large-scale events, it does not forget the power of a simple act of kindness to a random stranger.

So, get reconnected with your community. Participate in A Call to Arms on August 18th from 7-9 PM to help combat homelessness. Or, go beyond your neighborhood and connect with the world. UniversalGivingTM offers hundreds of opportunities to donate or volunteer globally; $25 can help educate a girl in Sierra Leone, or you can spend 2 weeks in Cusco, Peru to work with impoverished children in rural households. Just get connected.

Let’s Make College Education a Chance for All

By Andrea Xu

With the California education system experiencing another devastating blow to its budget, it is becoming increasingly crucial to find methods to maintain the state’s education standards. Higher education is seeing a shift from traditional state-funded colleges and universities towards for-profit and online colleges, like those found on websites offering accredited college degrees online and in technical colleges like ITT Tech. As a student attending the University of California, Berkeley, I understand the value of receiving a proper education, and have been personally affected by the budget cuts.

SMASH is a great organization that promotes academic values and achievement, providing a three-year, five-week summer math and science enrichment program for high-achieving, low-income students of color. SMASH scholars also receive year-round academic support such as SAT preparation and college counseling, gearing these students on the road to college. The best part? SMASH is free of charge. SMASH scholars are able to attend either UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) or Stanford University, living in the dormitories, attending classes, and getting a glimpse into the full college experience.

Most of these underprivileged youth do not have many role models, access to honors and AP classes, or even the necessary resources to help further their interest in pursuing a higher education; many therefore are unprepared to persist and to graduate, even if they wish to attend college. SMASH is a part of the Level Playing Field Institute, which includes programs such as The Initiative for Diversity in Education and Leadership (IDEAL) to help prevent this discouragement and essentially, to help level the playing field.

Help promote higher education and get involved!  Not only can you donate to help keep this program cost-free, but you can also be more involved by serving as a SMASH instructor! Whether you are a genius in math or simply love to help, this is a great opportunity to exercise your passions and strengths to help a student better his or her future. And there is no greater personal satisfaction than knowing you made a difference.

Lessons Learned from “When She Speaks”

By Cheryl Mahoney

Last week, our CEO Pamela Hawley was honored to speak on a panel for When She Speaks.  This event was sponsored by RAL & Associates, a career and leadership development firm, in association with Full Circle Fund.  The topic under discussion was Women Leadership.

If you’re thinking that you would have loved to learn about Women Leadership, but you didn’t have a chance to attend–don’t worry!  Bobbie La Porte from When She Speaks kindly shared some notes on key points discussed at the event:

***   ***  ***

Please join me in thanking our hosts at PG&E and our partners at Charles Schwab, Deloitte, IBM, Salesforce.com, McKesson and the Full Circle Fund for their continued support of this series. And please also join me in thanking our accomplished and inspiring speakers for candidly sharing their perspectives and insights on such a fascinating topic!
           Moderator Kerrie Halmi, The St. Charles Consulting Group
           Panelist  Pamela Hawley, CEO, UniversalGiving
           Panelist  Jenny Cheng, Vice President, Salesforce.com
           Panelist  Jennifer Dowdell, Director, PG&E
           Panelist  Cheryl Williams, Manager, McKesson Corporation
           Panelist  Dara Bazzano, Audit Partner, KPMG
The panelists shared their insights about the approaches and practices they use in their roles in business to support and drive sustainability. Some of their key points included the following:

(1)     How are women’s and men’s leadership styles different?

–          it’s important to acknowledge your individual skills and strengths when it comes to your leadership style and not so much gender
–          your personal communications style and approach can be an important element of your leadership style and this can be different for men than women
–          there are stereotypes of women vs. men that you need to be aware of and know that some behaviors may not be as successful for women as men (like being seen as aggressive) in corporate culture
–          know that leadership skills can be developed; there are no “natural born” leaders

(2)     What are elements of ideal leadership styles?

–          being flexible and adaptable; women ate socialized to be adaptable and flexible
–          recognizing people who are more talented than you (as the leader) and support and development them
–          good coaching skills
–          being good “connectors”
–          being gentle but strong; kind but firm
–          being yourself, authentic; you need to decide if you want to play the corporate “competitive” game; find what works for you
–          hold your “confidence”, think about how you display that
–          know your values and if they are aligned with the corporate culture you are in; is it a good fit for you?

(3)     How do you develop your leadership style?

–          learn how to influence
–          find mentors to work with you
–          be open to approaching and learning things differently
–          don’t assume that what motivate you motivates everyone else; respect everyone and their differences
–          make your boss your advocate; help him/her succeed
–          use multiple sources of coaching and advice
–          don’t associate leading with any level in the organization; you can lead from any position, don’t wait – use the tools you have now
–          don’t hesitate to ask for help – and learn from others!

Please join us next month at McKesson when our topic will be: “Politics in the Workplace: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.