Feeding the Future: Child Food Security

By Sophia Russell In 2012, I traveled to Peru on a linguistics and community service trip. There, I volunteered at a daycare that one of my homestay parents’ children attended. When it came time for lunch, Superman and Little Mermaid lunch boxes were pulled off a shelf and dispersed. Most ate foods such as rice, bread, beans, chips, while a lucky few had pieces of chicken and fruit as well. The contrast from living in the Bay Area, where matters like eating organic fruits or meat are an everyday occurrence, to being in a country where even having a form of … Continue reading Feeding the Future: Child Food Security

Stop the Disease of Schoollessness!

There is a great disease of schoollessness: Kids who grow up without the classroom, and without the ability to learn. Their minds, in a way… are dying…. Without food, our bodies don’t grow. Without classes, your mind doesn’t grow. So… please help us stop schoollessness now. Support the amazing volunteer teachers working with WorldTeach determined to provide educational opportunities all across the globe. Give the gift of books when you join hands with Develop Africa and promote literacy efforts for children in West Africa. Work with Miracles in Action to provide backpacks and school supplies for children in rural Guatemala. All … Continue reading Stop the Disease of Schoollessness!

Convierte Lagrimas en Sonrisas – Turn Tears into Smiles

By Whittney Tom The Burned Children Care Foundation presents us with an example of inspiration and action. Vivian Pellas was directly affected by the painful remnants of burns after a plane crash in Honduras. She was inspired to take action, therefore she founded APROQUEN in Central America to address the global health crisis of burns. Startlingly, fires kill more school-aged children in one year than tuberculosis or malaria. The Burned Children Care Foundation has provided over 300,000 complimentary health services to the burned children of Nicaragua and greater Central America. In order to exponentially effect Central America’s public health crisis … Continue reading Convierte Lagrimas en Sonrisas – Turn Tears into Smiles

Profile of Tracy Cosgrove

  By Sarah Graham-Helwig Being nosy and prying too far into someone’s business is often looked down upon.  However, hundreds of kids’ lives were saved because Tracy Cosgrove was being nosy.  One afternoon, Tracy was looking at the construction of her new apartment being built in the beach town of Pattaya, Thailand, when suddenly she noticed all of the construction workers squeezing into one van. She proceeded to follow them, because she wanted to learn more about their lives and how they survived on just 5 dollars a day. To her surprise, she saw families living in tiny huts and … Continue reading Profile of Tracy Cosgrove


By Kyle Daley For most kids, summertime brings the joy of youth sports programs; where friendships are born, skills are honed, and life lessons of teamwork are learned. These programs offer an opportunity for kids to get out of the doldrums of a long summer day and become active in a sport they love. But for a majority of those in the inner city, these sports programs are a world away. That was until Cle Ross came into play. A former professional baseball player with the Texas Rangers, Ross returned to his Kansas City roots and was in despair when … Continue reading PROFILE OF CLE ROSS, BUILDER OF A FIELD OF DREAMS