Honoring Strong Women

UniversalGiving is fortunate to have a team led by many bright and powerful women who work hard to create positive change!  Below are some strong women that the UniversalGiving team chose to honor today! From Pamela Hawley-CEO Frances Blaisdell Williams was the first woman woodwind at Julliard School of Music in 1928.  She was a pioneer for women and women flutists all over the world.  Most importantly, she was my grandmother and one of my best friends.  My dear Oma, a pioneer woman flutist in the 1920s (read about her in the New York Times) began teaching me flute at the age of 8. … Continue reading Honoring Strong Women

A Chance to Lead

Here at UniversalGiving, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to lead for all members of our community – staff, consultants, and interns. Below is a testimonial from one of our social media interns, Sarah Scott! “I originally applied to UniversalGiving because I wanted to see how a nonprofit was run and how they generated revenue. However, I learned much more than that from my experience. Although I was only an intern at first, I was given the opportunity to lead a project that took into consideration what people look for when they are going to volunteer in a country. After my team … Continue reading A Chance to Lead