Great Charity Events from Fraternities and Sororities

Today’s guest post is from Alvina Lopez. A hallmark of all university Panhellenic groups is community service and charity. Every year, thousands of member students across the United States commit their time to furthering hundreds of different causes. Whether big or small, these charity and volunteer programs always make a positive impact in the lives of others and are what make Greek life so vital for a college town and its surrounding area. Every event is significant in its purpose and deserves to be highlighted. Alas, there are so many, it would be impossible to ever cover them all, so … Continue reading Great Charity Events from Fraternities and Sororities

How to Get Children Involved in Volunteering

Today’s post is a guest article from Kate Croston. No matter how young or old you are, volunteering is one of the single most rewarding and impacting experiences you can have. Helping those who are less fortunate than us not only puts our own blessings in perspective, making us more appreciative of the lives we’ve been fortunate enough to have, but it also is very emotionally gratifying as well, building us into stronger and more compassionate people. This is why it’s so important to help our kids understand the importance of volunteering early on. You might meet some initial resistance … Continue reading How to Get Children Involved in Volunteering

“The Power of Giving”

by Charles McWilliams “In order to get something, you first need to give” –Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs practice this basic property of reciprocity. Those who we consider ‘rich’ are often capable of giving much more than those we may consider ‘poor’ and I’m not referring to monetary assets by any means. Those who are ‘rich’ are capable of giving value to others, and this is precisely why they tend to receive so much. Yet, one more important principle works imperatively with the basic properties of reciprocation, especially when applied to human interaction: one must give … Continue reading “The Power of Giving”

A Good Idea Indeed

By Andrea Xu, Marketing Intern/Executive Assistant to the CEO  In our busy society, it is so easy to forget how far a small, random act of kindness can go. In an age where everyone is glued to his or her iPhones, emails, and personal planners, we have become so absorbed in our own bubbles that sometimes we forget that we are still surrounded in a community, a community where issues such as homelessness are still prevalent. And this is where A Good Idea steps in. A Good Idea encourages positive social change that connects people with others who want to … Continue reading A Good Idea Indeed

Philanthropy with a Fashionable Twist

By Andrea Xu, Marketing Intern/Executive Assistant to the CEO As with the rest of the UnivesalGiving team, I love to give back, and have been taught the power of community involvement from an early age. One thing that really drew me to UniversalGiving was the fact that all of these nonprofit organizations that you can volunteer or donate to are top, legitimate organizations from all over the world. Just like UniversalGiving, SelflessTee has shown a creative yet simple way to give back. Started by Danny B., one of the founders of SelfessTee, Danny raised over $11,000 from selling t-shirts, using … Continue reading Philanthropy with a Fashionable Twist