Positive Correlations

Today, our intern Katie shares with us why she chose to volunteer at UniversalGiving. Thank you, Katie, for dedicating your time to the team! “I have an interest and passion for community relations and outreach. In an effort to gain knowledge and experience within this realm of work, I am pleased to be interning with a company whose values, mission, and passions correlate with my own. As a UniversalGiving team member, I know I will find my work fulfilling as we encourage giving and volunteering to be a main priority for everyone.“ -Katherine (Katie) Jasinski, Corporate Outreach Services Intern Continue reading Positive Correlations

What Brings Me Here

  At UniversalGiving, we are so grateful for all of our interns! Here is a quote from Madhuri, our Q&A/Web Intern about why she has decided to work with us to make the world a brighter place!   “My passion towards learning and contributing to the society brings me here to UniversalGiving. And knowing about the UniversalGiving’s vision really motivates me to come forward and contribute a bit for a great cause. As it is said, small drops make the ocean.” -Madhuri Kalani, Intern Continue reading What Brings Me Here

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

  According to the Christian Science Monitor, civilian casualties in Afghanistan have increased at a record rate. 1,601 civilians have been killed in 2016 and 3,565 have been wounded. Close to a third of the casualties are children.   This kind of statistic is unacceptable.  Kids should not suffer.  Let’s help them now!   Do your part and donate to our partner organizations to support at-risk populations in Afghanistan.   Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, working in the United States and 70 countries around the world, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people impacted by … Continue reading Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan