Cambodia: An Inspiring Story of Survival with Thoughts from Beth Kanter

by Anis Salvesen Imagine that between 1863 and 1980, colonization – becoming an exploitable source of riches for an overseas power that viewed your race as inferior –  would turn out to be the least of your country’s worries.   Worse than colonization was when another overseas power decided, about a century later, that it was okay to drop bombs on your people in order to get to enemy forces waging guerilla warfare from your soil.  The result? A couple million people became refugees. The number of dead as a result of the bombings ?  The number will be forever contested. … Continue reading Cambodia: An Inspiring Story of Survival with Thoughts from Beth Kanter

Giving Can Increase Connectivity

By Jacqueline Labrador Our world is becoming a small place.  At any one moment we can find out what someone is doing in Tokyo, chat online with another in Brussels or look at a satellite image of a village in Angola.  It seems as though we are a very connected society; and through the internet and social networking websites we are able to stay in touch with others throughout the globe.  But what we seem to be missing out on is deeper connections with others. We have become so reliant on superficial indirect methods of communication that it leaves a … Continue reading Giving Can Increase Connectivity

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

  According to the Christian Science Monitor, civilian casualties in Afghanistan have increased at a record rate. 1,601 civilians have been killed in 2016 and 3,565 have been wounded. Close to a third of the casualties are children.   This kind of statistic is unacceptable.  Kids should not suffer.  Let’s help them now!   Do your part and donate to our partner organizations to support at-risk populations in Afghanistan.   Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, working in the United States and 70 countries around the world, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people impacted by … Continue reading Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

shirley ann

NGO Spotlight: Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation

In a world filled with poverty, philanthropists must ask themselves how they can break this unfair cycle where poor families continue to stay poor.  Children all across the globe are at a distinct disadvantage because they lack the resources and … Continue reading NGO Spotlight: Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation