Unselfish Love

By Brittany Duke When I blindly plunge my hand into the ceramic shell bowl on my dresser and my fingers close around a small gold stone ring, I’m reminded of my 16th birthday. For reasons different that most people’s the week I turned 16 was life-altering. Instead of a lavish “Sweet 16” party I spent the week in Haiti learning about how people survive in orphanages that are severely underfunded and concrete villages without electricity. The poorest country in the world by many estimates is one without social nets designed to help others from falling into extreme poverty. Unlike the … Continue reading Unselfish Love

Develop Africa: Sustainable Development in Action

UniversalGiving® is proud to partner with worthy organizations committed to sustainable, meaningful, and impactful development. Our mission is to connect people all over the globe to quality giving and volunteer opportunities worldwide. That mission is why we are so excited to announce a generous corporate donation to one of our incredible partner organizations: Develop AfricaContinue reading “Develop Africa: Sustainable Development in Action”

From Japan – Live from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

An update from Laurina, a former UniversalGiving team member currently living in Japan. Dear all, Just wanted to let everyone know that people here in Shizuoka Prefecture (3 hours away from Tokyo), are doing fine. We experienced an earthquake on Friday as well when it hit Miyagi Prefecture. Our earthquake was mild – 4.0 on the richter scale.  Some students were oblivious and were still playing soccer on the soccer field when the plates were shaking. Windows in our staff room were vibrating, but it didn’t last long. It lasted for maybe a minute or two? The aftershock was mild … Continue reading From Japan – Live from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Japan’s Culture Day

Today’s post was contributed by Laurina, a former member from UniversalGiving currently working abroad in Japan. Culture Day Minna-san, konnichiwa! (Everyone, good afternoon!) I hope everyone is doing well ! It is getting pretty cold in Japan now. In fact, Mt. Fuji now has a snowcap around it! Looks like winter is beginning to encroach upon us now. It was Culture Day in Japan last Wednesday, and I’ve been decorating my classroom to honor that day. The 3rd of November is known as Culture Day (文化の日) and it a day for the Japanese to reflect upon and appreciate their culture, … Continue reading Japan’s Culture Day