The Struggle for an Education

By Michelle Liu In 2008, I traveled to China and only planned to visit my relatives. However, the trip turned into a much more meaningful experience. When I visited the countryside where my family used to live, I noticed many young children in the area were not at school, but working out in the rice field with their parents. I had the opportunity to talk to the children and their parents. It was heartbreaking to learn that their family did not have the money to send them to school. Although most of the parents wanted their children to get an … Continue reading The Struggle for an Education

Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

By Nancy Baah On Sunday, May 8, children of all ages in the US will show gratitude to their mom with gifts, flowers, or a “vacation day” from motherly duties. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we at UniversalGiving would like to take the time to show appreciation for awesome mothers around the world by saying, “Thank you!” Moreover, while it is important to thank the mothers in our own lives for all they do, UniversalGiving would like to highlight the challenges many mother’s face globally. To get involved with helping a mother in need, UniversalGiving invites you to take advantage of the giving opportunities below: … Continue reading Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

A Week in Cuba with Jimmy Diefenderfer

At our 10,000 Volunteers event in November, we raffled off a flight to a volunteer trip anywhere in the world. Jimmy Diefenderfer was the lucky winner, and he just returned from an incredible experience in Cuba. “My trip to Cuba with Globe Aware had two principal objectives: make meaningful contributions to several community projects and become familiar with the Cuban people and culture. As such, we spent part of each day being introduced to a local project in Havana, including a tuition-free school for young adults interested in becoming barbers, a tree-planting sanctuary aiming to prevent damaging landslides in a hillside … Continue reading A Week in Cuba with Jimmy Diefenderfer

If the World Were 100 People…

By Dana Saign If the World Were 100 People: Gender 50 would be female 50 would be male Age 20 would be 0-14 67 would be 15-64 14 would be 65 and older Geography 5 would be from North America 9 would be from Latin America & the Caribbean 12 would be from Europe 61 would be from Asia 13 would be from Africa Religion 31 would be Christian 21 would be Muslim 14 would be Hindu 6 would be Buddhist 12 would believe in other religions 16 would not be religious or identify themselves as being aligned with a … Continue reading If the World Were 100 People…

Thinking About Volunteering Abroad? Here is Everything You Need to Know

  We had the chance to sit down with Mark Horoszowski, CEO and co-founders of MovingWorlds, to learn more about the “Experteering” movement, and share some best practice for anybody interested in volunteering overseas. First… Why do people volunteer their skills abroad? We see people go for any number of reasons. Graduate students looking for practical experience, young professionals looking to gain international exposure, career switchers looking for something new, and early retirees looking to give back are a few of the ones we hear the most common, but we’ve also seen people go Experteering in their country of origin … Continue reading Thinking About Volunteering Abroad? Here is Everything You Need to Know

The Dueling Population Problem

By Takaomi Takahashi Japan has a serious population problem. We are now becoming famous not only for longevity but also for a dramatically declining birth rate. As it stands, the aged population (over 65 years old) represents more than 25% of Japan. It is predicted that the aged population rate will continue to increase. Decreasing total population was observed for the first time since the beginning of the national census last February. Despite attempts by officials to remedy the issue, there have been no signs of improvement. Meanwhile, there is another controversy in Japan. The problem is the thousands of children … Continue reading The Dueling Population Problem

Unselfish Love

By Brittany Duke When I blindly plunge my hand into the ceramic shell bowl on my dresser and my fingers close around a small gold stone ring, I’m reminded of my 16th birthday. For reasons different that most people’s the week I turned 16 was life-altering. Instead of a lavish “Sweet 16” party I spent the week in Haiti learning about how people survive in orphanages that are severely underfunded and concrete villages without electricity. The poorest country in the world by many estimates is one without social nets designed to help others from falling into extreme poverty. Unlike the … Continue reading Unselfish Love