Human Trafficking

By Pamela Hawley Lately, you may have heard a lot about human trafficking.  Human trafficking is stealing children away from their families. They are then often used in the sex trade where they grow up in terror and are left with only one option to survive. This is an experience that, in short, wrecks their lives. Here are some other little known statistics: Expected years of schooling is 9 years.  Child labor among children ages 5-14 is 16%. At any given time, more than 12.3 million people worldwide are enslaved and forced into labor, bonded labor, child labor, sexual servitude and involuntary … Continue reading Human Trafficking

Through the eyes of a child

By Lubna Javed I was allowed to stay up late and watch The Muppet Babies movie on television by myself on the night of 16th January 1991; I was 12. I went to bed quite late, only to be startled shortly afterwards by my mother. She was attempting to awaken my father and yelling, “The War has started.” Years later I can still clearly recall the fright with which I got up. The haunting sound of the sirens still rings in my ears when I think about that night. I wrote the following a few days into the War, perhaps as … Continue reading Through the eyes of a child

venezuela food

Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation Via: New York Times

This is a pressing issue.  Venezuelans are starving and resorting to food theft in order to survive.  New York Times writer Nicholas Casey explains the situation with quotes and information about individual Venezuelans and their struggle. By Nicholas Casey  CUMANÁ, Venezuela, … Continue reading Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation Via: New York Times

Sustainability Spotlight: Maasai Community Development Project

Listen. Empower. Provide the capital necessary to grow. These are critical keys to executing a sustainable development strategy. A philanthropic cause will only be as strong as its lasting effects, as strong as it’s ability to empower the people whom it is serving. It must put people in a position to continue to grow after the NGO has left. To make this holistic change requires a multifaceted approach, one in which the community guides the service. The solutions must benefit the recipients, so the recipients need to be making the solutions. In doing so, the new practices will address the … Continue reading Sustainability Spotlight: Maasai Community Development Project