Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: Do you have enough green light in your life?

Try to use all the natural light that comes to us from our earth.  Green light is light from the sun, and not fluorescent bulbs.  In fact, I’d even go so far to say that what a wonderful world it would be if we operated based on when our day was light — and our night was dark.  Our body rhythms would be in tune with this natural course of living. Perhaps light is sending us a message of when we should work, engage with people, and when we should sleep, rest, rejuvenate.

Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Halle Tecco posted an excellent article on Huffington Post, “10 Free Things Every Social Entrepreneur Should Have.”  A social entrepreneur herself, Halle brings great wisdom to the subject, offering excellent resources and ideas every new social entrepreneur should think about.  These include everything from board members to social media accounts to an exciting logo.  I recommend checking out the complete list, and I also wanted to share a few of my favorite “things every social entrepreneur should have.”

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Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: The Value and Sincerity of Small Teams

Leadership is so personal, so intimate, and takes a huge amount of devotion. It’s about communication, trust and building relationships.  This article by Pat Lencioni is quietly brilliant. My favorite part is about small teams that are effective, are 3-8.  People need to be heard. They need to feel they can get across their ideas. As the team grows, the ‘space’ for their voice dimishes.

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