Are You Willing to Go to Hard Places?

By Marina Smith Paul Shoemaker is the Founding President of Social Venture Partners International— an organization committed to driving social change efficiently and effectively. SVP has created a network of thousands of individuals dedicated to linking their passions to progress and social change. Shoemaker has made his own impact by connecting people and organizations with the causes they are most passionate about and with the human resources most salient to their missions.   In his newly released book CAN’T NOT DO: The Compelling Social Drive that Changes Our World (Wiley), Shoemaker traces the paths of dozens of change-makers who acted on … Continue reading Are You Willing to Go to Hard Places?

The Power of Video

By Steven Chang The power of video to successfully promote causes, companies, organizations, people, and yes, even cats, on the Internet is hardly a secret. We can see the power of video almost immediately (how many views/hits did you get?), and we can also see the power of video in our everyday lives (when was the last time you asked a question beginning with, “have you seen that one video…?”). But how do videos become popular? Two videos that use the same outreach methods – email, social media, word of mouth, live presentation – may not necessarily have the same … Continue reading The Power of Video

The Intersection of Business and Social: Making Meaning Matter

UniversalGiving has partnered with SOCAP12: Making Meaning Matter in San Francisco, a conference featuring the world’s pioneering impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, civic leaders and innovators. This year’s conference takes place October 1-4, 2012, and serves to create intersections where you – with friends and valuable strangers – mobilize resources and capital for good. SOCAP believes that to create the world we want, we have to bring all of our selves to the tasks – from our passion, to our time and talent, to our investment dollars – that’s what it takes to make meaning matter. The themes for this … Continue reading The Intersection of Business and Social: Making Meaning Matter

Mobile Layaway Programs: Helping to Make Investment Possible

By Katie Brigham Innovative new technology oftentimes has the ability pay for itself  (and more!) over time. For example, KickStart’s low-cost irrigation pump has the potential to move African farmers away from a dependence on “rain-fed” agriculture, and allow entrepreneurial farmers to make money as they take greater control over their crop production. However, for the extremely poor, saving enough money to make an investment in a new technology such as a KickStart pump is highly improbable. Consider the fact that out of the 2.5 billion people living on less than $2 per day, only 10% have access to a bank … Continue reading Mobile Layaway Programs: Helping to Make Investment Possible

UniversalGiving’s™ interview with Charyit!

By Jeremy Kenton, Marilyn Lin, and Ranjani Shanker

Recently, Ranjani Shanker of UniversalGiving™ was privileged to interview co-founders of Charyit, Jeremy Kenton and Marilyn Lin. Charyit is an early-stage, pre-seed company with the intention of allowing consumers to interact with corporations through recent content aggregated from media sites across the web.

Q: Story of Charyit – How and who made it happen?

LIN:  The idea started when corporations began to focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and place more emphasis on the importance of social media to their brands.  We asked ourselves, “How likely are we to support a company’s brand in the future based on their recent actions?”  And, “If a large population of consumers are also aware of these actions, would the masses be able to influence the plans of or affect a corporation’s “triple bottom line” (people, planet and profit)?”

KENTON: We recognized the significant momentum building around CSR, with companies and consumers using social media to discuss their initiatives. People within our networks post articles about how companies are interacting with society, both positively and negatively. Because posting an article on Facebook lacks permanence, we created Charyit to change that.

LIN:  We want to provide a linkage between the public’s comments on corporate actions back to those corporations.  Charyit aggregates stories on the economic, environmental and social fronts.  Leveraging social media and crowd-sourcing, we offer the public the ability to interact with the news content and influence a company’s future actions.

Continue reading “UniversalGiving’s™ interview with Charyit!”

Professional greatness comes from inner goodness. Global companies making global changes.

By Victoria Endsley At a recent Commonwealth Club panel in San Francisco, Pamela had a chance to sit down with Mark Edmunds (Deloitte), Gabi Zedlmayer (HP) and Trisa Thompson (Dell) to discuss their global initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility. These three companies are all part of the Fortune 500 list and have offices throughout the world.  Deloitte operates in the financial services sector and Hewlett-Packard and Dell are computer manufacturing companies whose business also extends into other areas such as printer production, software, and server manufacturing. The mission for each is clear, however.  Take a position on corporate social responsibility, and … Continue reading Professional greatness comes from inner goodness. Global companies making global changes.

Clif Bar & the Triple E approach (Everyone, Everything, Early)

By Victoria Endsley Clif Bar reminds us that it isn’t just about the end product, but also how the product is created. Recognizing the impact of their carbon footprint, Clif Bar has challenged their production team to become a zero waste company with an approach called “The Triple E”, which stands for everyone, everything, early. And often, to the great pleasure of Clif Bar, the engagement in this process has actually saved them money! It isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good business! Clif Bar believes in the idea that it isn’t just important to sell their products, but to do so … Continue reading Clif Bar & the Triple E approach (Everyone, Everything, Early)