Sustainability Spotlight: Kickstart International

Have you traveled to Africa? When we hear this word, most of us think of the elephants and the giraffes of the savannah, the peaks of Kilimanjaro, or the beaches of Cote d’Ivoire. These amazing sights make it easy to lose track of the small-scale farmers that make up 80% of those living in poverty. These families often find that hard work is not enough to combat low rainfall and water shortages. How do you make use of the water you have? And how do you create sustainability? Kickstart International brings irrigation tools and techniques to Sub-Saharan Africa to rejuvenate … Continue reading Sustainability Spotlight: Kickstart International

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Why I Love @Canva for Nonprofits and Why You Should Too

By Beth Kanter I am in Cambodia as part of Tech2Empower, an initiative of Wake.  I traveled with a team of Advisers to conduct an interactive “Tech2Empower” workshop for leaders of anti-trafficking and women’s rights NGOs.  Advisers contribute their skills and expertise … Continue reading Why I Love @Canva for Nonprofits and Why You Should Too