The Struggle for an Education

By Michelle Liu In 2008, I traveled to China and only planned to visit my relatives. However, the trip turned into a much more meaningful experience. When I visited the countryside where my family used to live, I noticed many young children in the area were not at school, but working out in the rice field with their parents. I had the opportunity to talk to the children and their parents. It was heartbreaking to learn that their family did not have the money to send them to school. Although most of the parents wanted their children to get an … Continue reading The Struggle for an Education

Helping Versus Serving: The Linguistics of Altruism

By Morgan DeLuce An integral part of engaging in philanthropy is understanding your position of privilege when you enter into a relationship of service. Before, during, and after donating to or volunteering with an organization, reevaluate your mindset and enter into service with humility. We are all human, and service is about uniting in community to create a better life for all. This excerpt below outlines the importance of distinguishing between “helping” and “serving.” The difference is profound and differentiates what I like to call “selfish service”– the kind that only feels good and is all about you and your experience– from altruism … Continue reading Helping Versus Serving: The Linguistics of Altruism

How One Day Changed my Life

by Kerry Rodgers “While traveling in South Africa 6 years ago, I volunteered for one day at a wonderful non-profit in a township outside of Cape Town. It was serendipitous, as one of my traveling companions had a personal connection and invited us to join him for the afternoon. The experience was transformational – I walked away deeply inspired about the work of community-based nonprofits. Although we were only there for a couple hours, I became an ongoing supporter of the organization. It occurred to me that this one day was a win-win: the nonprofit had a new contributor and, for … Continue reading How One Day Changed my Life

Think Globally, Act Locally, Love Universally

By Lindsay Rogers At UniversalGiving, we believe in creating a world where “Giving and Volunteering are a Natural Part of Everyday Life.” Through our Community Outreach Program, team members perform hands-on service by working with organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area that are addressing social issues present in our local community. This month, UniversalGiving had the opportunity to work with Dinner with Grace, a long-standing initiative of Grace Cathedral. This program cooks and serves dinner to residents of the Crosby Hotel in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. The Crosby Hotel is part of San Francisco’s Housing First Program … Continue reading Think Globally, Act Locally, Love Universally

Brand Image and the Importance of CSR in the New Digital Age Part 3

By Matt Gallagher Developing CSR Programs Conveniently, Efficiently and Effectively Time, planning and management do not necessarily have to be a big part of your investment in CSR. Websites and services like UniversalGiving can handle all of the legwork so that your contribution is focused on providing a greater good. Your administrative requirements remain minimal, with 100 percent of your donation going directly to the cause of your choosing. Charitable organizations such as UniversalGiving can handle the administrative end, vetting projects through a trademarked, proprietary Quality Model. They consult on proper methods of engaging with nonprofits and how you can … Continue reading Brand Image and the Importance of CSR in the New Digital Age Part 3

Brand Image and the Importance of CSR in the New Digital Age Part 1

Our latest series on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility will be covering the the benefits of CSR and how you can start a program at your own company. Join us over the next month as we reveal how CSR helps businesses thrive. By Matt Gallagher In an increasingly social media driven world, brand image is everything. Reputations are earned and burned virally in the new digital age. From grandparents to moms to high school students, everyone has a social media voice, and they will use it to the benefit or determent of a business or brand with more resonance … Continue reading Brand Image and the Importance of CSR in the New Digital Age Part 1

Thinking About Volunteering Abroad? Here is Everything You Need to Know

  We had the chance to sit down with Mark Horoszowski, CEO and co-founders of MovingWorlds, to learn more about the “Experteering” movement, and share some best practice for anybody interested in volunteering overseas. First… Why do people volunteer their skills abroad? We see people go for any number of reasons. Graduate students looking for practical experience, young professionals looking to gain international exposure, career switchers looking for something new, and early retirees looking to give back are a few of the ones we hear the most common, but we’ve also seen people go Experteering in their country of origin … Continue reading Thinking About Volunteering Abroad? Here is Everything You Need to Know