UniversalGiving at the Commonwealth Club – Video Highlights!

by Steven Chang On August 11, 2011, founder & CEO Pamela Hawley led a panel of Fortune 500 Corporate Social Responsibility executives in discussing the innovations and practical lessons learned from launching CSR programs all over the world. We’ve taken the highlights from this exciting event and created shorter videos for your learning and enjoyment! Pamela Hawley on NGO Vetting Here’s what founder & CEO Pamela Hawley had to say about NGO vetting through UniversalGiving™, which has even helped Fortune 500 companies ensure the success of global CSR programs. Secrets to Success: Go Become Famous! Mark Edmunds of Deloitte LLP … Continue reading UniversalGiving at the Commonwealth Club – Video Highlights!

Five Publishing Industry-Sponsored Efforts to Help Japan

 Guest Post by Pamelia Brown Even though it’s been over a month since Japan suffered an earthquake and tsunami which wreaked havoc on the country’s population and infrastructure, that country still needs aid as much as possible. As a writer, I’ve been following the situation closely, and I have been pleased to see how the publishing industry has banded together to offer its own humble help. If you’re interested in books, then you should consider supporting some of these aid initiatives and the people behind them. Although some aid campaigns have come and gone, you can still show your gratitude … Continue reading Five Publishing Industry-Sponsored Efforts to Help Japan

UniversalGiving’s CEO to Speak at the Commonwealth Club

By Cheryl Mahoney Interested in attending an event focused on corporate social responsibility?  Want to learn more about ethics in business?  Then you should come out to hear UniversalGiving’s CEO, Pamela Hawley, speak at the Commonwealth Club! The Commonwealth Club has been hosting public forums with exciting speakers for more than 100 years.  On August 11th, our CEO will be speaking there.  Here’s the description of the event from their website: The Leading Edge for Corporate Social Responsibility Setting the Bar for Ethical Business Conduct   Pamela Hawley, Founder and CEO, UniversalGiving Winner of the Jefferson Award for Public Service, … Continue reading UniversalGiving’s CEO to Speak at the Commonwealth Club

Lessons Learned from “When She Speaks”

By Cheryl Mahoney Last week, our CEO Pamela Hawley was honored to speak on a panel for When She Speaks.  This event was sponsored by RAL & Associates, a career and leadership development firm, in association with Full Circle Fund.  The topic under discussion was Women Leadership. If you’re thinking that you would have loved to learn about Women Leadership, but you didn’t have a chance to attend–don’t worry!  Bobbie La Porte from When She Speaks kindly shared some notes on key points discussed at the event: ***   ***  *** Please join me in thanking our hosts at PG&E and … Continue reading Lessons Learned from “When She Speaks”

UniversalGiving’s CEO To Speak at NetSquared Event

By Cheryl Mahoney We’re pleased to announce that our CEO, Pamela Hawley, will be speaking at a NetSquared event this evening, titled “The New Volunteerism.”  Here’s the information: The New Volunteerism: How to plug into cool projects in your community. We’ll have several speakers talk about how to use new online tools to bring meaningful change right down to your own city block. Location: TechSoup Global Offices, San Francisco Speakers: Pamela Hawley, Founder, UniversalGiving™ John Power, Executive Director, The Volunteer Center Robert Rosenthal, Director of Communications, VolunteerMatch Agenda: 6:00 – 6:30 Doors Open, Mixer 6:30 – 6:45 Pamela Hawley 6:45 – … Continue reading UniversalGiving’s CEO To Speak at NetSquared Event

Storytellers for Good

by Anis Salvesen Turn on your local news anywhere, and you will be bombarded with so much negativity you will marvel at the fact that mankind has not yet self-destructed.  It’s depressing, but what can you do? All media companies focus on the negative.  It’s just how the media works; the more tragedy and fear you can dredge up, the better the ratings, right? Well, an amazing nonprofit team of journalists and photographers is seeking to change that. Their organization, Storytellers for Good, promotes stories of people and organizations making a positive difference in the world.  They aim to harness … Continue reading Storytellers for Good

Castilleja Global Week (a look back at our future)

by Anis Salvesen When I see natural disasters and wars in the news, it makes me wonder for a moment if the planet is headed on a steady path to its ultimate destruction.   Pretty bleak thoughts, I know. That’s why I am so glad I attended the last day of Global Week at Castilleja School , an all-girls high school in Palo Alto a few weeks ago.  Global Week is an annual event during which the entire school devotes an entire week to examining global issues through a series of workshops, films, speakers, class projects, readings, service opportunities and panel … Continue reading Castilleja Global Week (a look back at our future)