A Valid Comparison of Science and Philanthropy?

By Sarah Keyston As fellow UG Team Member Ranjani noted previously, nonprofits and governments can have an even greater impact when they work together to achieve growth and development. I am an International Development Studies major at UCLA, and I investigated these collaborative possibilities in a recent class. The seminar, entitled “Entrepreneurship and Social Change in the Global Context,” turned out to focus on the biotech and nanotech industries, rather than on international philanthropy (as I had hoped would be the case!). Even so, in my final paper, I was able to combine my interest in international nonprofits with our … Continue reading A Valid Comparison of Science and Philanthropy?

UniversalGiving Partners with Link TV

By Cheryl Mahoney Interested in getting an inside look at a school in rural China?  How about a soccer team in Kenya?  (You know you want to watch a program described as “Kenya’s Soap Opera for Social Good”)  Or maybe you’d like to learn about a young man who’s writing an alphabet for his people, as they have never had a written language. If you’re interested in powerful, personal stories from all over the world, Link TV is a resource you have to explore.  With documentaries and series, Link TV covers issues and highlights cultures many of us aren’t familiar with–but are … Continue reading UniversalGiving Partners with Link TV

Placing Women on the Map

By Cheryl Mahoney Who would you put on the map?  Not where–who.  I’m talking about the International Museum of Women’s “Women on the Map.”  In honor of International Women’s Day, they’ve launched this amazing, interactive way to honor the women in your life. You can head to their website, and put a virtual pin on the map to mark a special woman.  Write her name and a brief message, and other visitors to the site can learn about her too.  And, IMOW will email her to tell her that you put her on the map.  The result is an incredible … Continue reading Placing Women on the Map

How to Change the World

By Cheryl Mahoney Do you want to tell Congress to ban goods made by modern-day slaves?  You can. Would you like to tell the Olympic Committee to serve sustainable food?  You can. Do you want to make a statement for human rights in Darfur?  You can. Do you want to keep up with the latest news on social entrepreneurship, the environment, and homelessness?  You can do that too. How?  By going to Change.org. Change.org is an incredible site, with information and action opportunities for a wide range of issues.  It’s kind of like a lot of different social issue sites all … Continue reading How to Change the World

Gratitude and Giving

By Cheryl Mahoney I don’t expect many people to read this post the day it goes up.  I don’t expect many people to be on the internet on that day either.  I won’t be–I’m typing this on Wednesday, not Thursday, though thanks to delayed publishing that’s the date you’ll be seeing at the top.  I don’t expect many people to be reading on Thursday because, as I likely don’t need to tell you, Thursday happens to be Thanksgiving.  And I expect people will be a little too busy to be reading. Busy with turkeys, and football games, and traditions, and … Continue reading Gratitude and Giving

Not my Problem (?)

by Anis Salvesen Recently my husband and I attended a friend’s wedding in India – in Chennai (formerly Madras).   The foreign guests, like us, had met the groom in graduate school.   Our little group consisted of the following:  a Finnish girl who spent most of her life in Germany but was now living in Switzerland with her German boyfriend (also in attendance), a Japanese girl, a fellow whose parents were German but had been born in South Africa and had been living in Italy since the early ‘90s, a Hispanic-American (me) and my Norwegian husband. As you may know, Indian … Continue reading Not my Problem (?)

All Together for Good

By Cheryl Mahoney Lately I’ve had a lot to say about ways to volunteer from home.  And we all know that if you want to cross borders and travel to exciting places to do your volunteering, UniversalGiving is your best destination.  So how about if you want something in between?  You’re happy to go outside, but can’t commit to a trip to Kenya right now–where do you go for that?  Well, UniversalGiving actually does have some national opportunities…and I also want to share with you about one of our latest partner organizations that can help you find the perfect way … Continue reading All Together for Good