NGO Spotlight: Amizade

The Education Director, Bibi Al-Ebrahim, highlights how Amizade helps spread the love.

Amizade empowers individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning. We work towards creating an equitable world where all people can connect freely and forge lasting friendships. We do this through programs which link people across communities that do not often get the opportunity to engage with one another. Participants are exposed to experiences that allow them to explore and understand their values and culture as well as those of others’. These types of experiences allow young people to be more informed and compassionate global citizens. In linking unlikely communities through service learning, Amizade focuses on exploring ways to offer the opportunity of service learning to all young people, despite economic status. Our most recent effort in diminishing barriers of access and diversifying networks is a cross cultural pilot program that will connect communities that may not often have the opportunity to engage and interact in Western Pennsylvania. After being awarded a $5,000 grant from the Sprout Fund, we will implement a program that will bring rural and urban youth from the region together to explore each other’s culture and community.

Through the power of service learning we believe that a successful pilot will act as a model for cross cultural dialogue that allows young people from the same region to celebrate their similarities and differences, and increase the mutual understanding and compassion they have for one another as neighbors. In the spirit of linking diverse communities and forging unlikely friendships, Amizade seeks support to strengthen and expand their efforts to make the power of service learning accessible to all young people.

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Driving Change


Our team wouldn’t be half as strong without our staff who work so hard to train interns, manage finances and clients, and keep UniversalGiving running like a well-oiled machine! Below is a testimonial from our Senior Corporate Services Associate, Kristara Bring! We are so grateful for your work, Kristara!

“When I found UniversalGiving, I was intrigued by the idea that our work drives change through partnerships with NGOs, corporations, and individuals. It is amazing to know our team is truly making a difference on a daily basis and I love working with such diverse, inspiring individuals.”

-Kristara Bring, Senior Corporate Services Associate