Juliana Margulies – Smile at a Stranger, and the Important Reason Why

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“Walk down the street and smile at a stranger. He’ll smile at the next stranger passing by, and then the whole street is smiling. And no one knows why.”  — Juliana Margulies

I love this quote. The only reason why we need to smile…is simply to give joy.  Give joy to ourselves and to others…it’s one of our main reasons for being.  And while people may not know why you are smiling, they’ll soon find out:  It makes the world go around with peacefulness, graciousness, and lovingkindness.  That’s reason enough. 🙂

Juliana Margulies is an American actress who achieved success as a regular character on ER, for which she received an Emmy.  More recently, she took the lead role in The Good Wife, and has received a Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild awards.

Man Bakes Pies to Heal His Heart

What a lovely example.  I love people who despite any hurt– still rise above, and give.  It’s so beautiful.  What a courageous man.  He bakes pies to heal his heart, after his wife ascended.


It seems Keller couldn’t possibly have thought up a more beautiful way to honor his late wife than by baking hundreds of pies and selflessly giving them away to those in need. But one of the most touching parts of his tribute actually comes long before the final baked goods are revealed. It happens each time he opens the oven.

Read about 98-year-old Keller here.

As he explained to the station, his wife picked it out when they moved in their Hastings home 62 years ago.

“Everything I do, I do it with love,” he said. “That’s my secret ingredient, is love.”

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This article originally appeared in Foodandwine.com

Spread the Love

“I have a slice of bread, that’s it, I don’t eat unless you eat, so we share this. I will not eat the slice of bread. Even though I need it more than you do, I will give it to you” -Katli Sekete

This is Ubuntu.

I spent six months in the Joza Township in Grahamstown, South Africa assisting a family of 25 Xhosa orphans and their one mother. Through my service I became part of the Ngcangca family. They taught me the South African word Ubuntu which is over-generous human kindness to one another because we are interdependent and exist because of each other. 

“I can’t live without you. I can’t be free if you’re not free, because I am who I am because of you. Everything you do directly has an impact on me”

In pockets of South Africa Ubuntu lives on. It is deep enough that a family who has gone two or three days at a time without food will give food to their neighbors. My beautiful South African family taught me invaluable lessons about how to spread the love.

Spread the love and volunteer in South Africa!

By UG Team Member, Molly Dietrich

The Grass is Greenest Where Your Water It

rice-field-387715_640“The grass is greenest where you water it. Successful couples have learned to resist the grass is greener myth – i.e. someone else will make me happy. They have learned to put their energy into making themselves and their marriage better.”

-Mitch Temple

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Let’s be focused on how green we can make our grass!

Truly wouldn’t that be lovely?  If we all focused on what we have — the wonderful family or our friends who are like family; the job, or the opportunity to explore something new; the husband or the opportunity to date and find the right person – what a joy-filled world we would have!  And a joyful world starts with each one of our own little worlds. Continue reading