Why I Love @Canva for Nonprofits and Why You Should Too

By Beth Kanter I am in Cambodia as part of Tech2Empower, an initiative of Wake.  I traveled with a team of Advisers to conduct an interactive “Tech2Empower” workshop for leaders of anti-trafficking and women’s rights NGOs.  Advisers contribute their skills and expertise … Continue reading Why I Love @Canva for Nonprofits and Why You Should Too

All Together for Good

By Cheryl Mahoney Lately I’ve had a lot to say about ways to volunteer from home.  And we all know that if you want to cross borders and travel to exciting places to do your volunteering, UniversalGiving is your best destination.  So how about if you want something in between?  You’re happy to go outside, but can’t commit to a trip to Kenya right now–where do you go for that?  Well, UniversalGiving actually does have some national opportunities…and I also want to share with you about one of our latest partner organizations that can help you find the perfect way … Continue reading All Together for Good

Social Media for Social Change

By Cheryl Mahoney Have you ever thought, “I really wish there was a webcast that would let me find out about innovative leaders in social change and entrepreneurship, and that maybe I could even attend in person if I happened to be in San Francisco”?  If so, you’re in luck! UniversalGiving is so pleased to be partnering with BusinessBoomer, a San Francisco-based social enterprise that’s creating conversations on and off the web.  They just launched a new, biweekly web talkshow, bringing together social media and social change.  Interviewing leaders in social entrepreneurship in front of a live audience and streaming … Continue reading Social Media for Social Change

Don't Keep Up With Social Technology

by Anis Salvesen If you go to the Harvard Business blog, you will see a great article by Alexandra Samuel called “Don’t Keep Up With Social Technology”.  I encourage you to read the actual blog post, but basically she talks about how keeping up with all of the latest technology in social media is not the answer.  She has this great example of going to Ikea with a friend and being reminded by this friend, “there’s no combination of boxes that’s going to turn you into an organized person.” Below is a comment we posted to Alexandra’s article.  We are … Continue reading Don't Keep Up With Social Technology