Youth Speaks: The Power of Language

By Pamela Hawley, CEO of UniversalGiving® What a joy to visit Ashley Smiley and Gabriel Cortez at Youth Speaks. Youth Speaks has such a variety of programs and what I enjoyed the most is that it is not just about creativity; the program creates a long term community, life network and actually follows the kids through their life chapters. While it starts off with training in writing, the children are also exposed to numerous events regarding how to live life in a positive way, job connections, and as Ashley said, “we create a true family”. Here are some of the programs with … Continue reading Youth Speaks: The Power of Language

Unselfish Love

By Brittany Duke When I blindly plunge my hand into the ceramic shell bowl on my dresser and my fingers close around a small gold stone ring, I’m reminded of my 16th birthday. For reasons different that most people’s the week I turned 16 was life-altering. Instead of a lavish “Sweet 16” party I spent the week in Haiti learning about how people survive in orphanages that are severely underfunded and concrete villages without electricity. The poorest country in the world by many estimates is one without social nets designed to help others from falling into extreme poverty. Unlike the … Continue reading Unselfish Love

Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: Every Leader Should Have an Emergency Gift Card

Every leader should have an emergency gift card: a gift card to Amazon, or to a favorite restaurant.  A gift card that shows your team member that you appreciate them when they’ve done an excellent job.  It might be during a busy period, to celebrate a birthday, or general appreciation for consistent hard work. Continue reading “Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: Every Leader Should Have an Emergency Gift Card”

Stop the Disease of Schoollessness!

There is a great disease of schoollessness: Kids who grow up without the classroom, and without the ability to learn. Their minds, in a way… are dying…. Without food, our bodies don’t grow. Without classes, your mind doesn’t grow. So… please help us stop schoollessness now. Support the amazing volunteer teachers working with WorldTeach determined to provide educational opportunities all across the globe. Give the gift of books when you join hands with Develop Africa and promote literacy efforts for children in West Africa. Work with Miracles in Action to provide backpacks and school supplies for children in rural Guatemala. All … Continue reading Stop the Disease of Schoollessness!