Helping Versus Serving: The Linguistics of Altruism

By Morgan DeLuce An integral part of engaging in philanthropy is understanding your position of privilege when you enter into a relationship of service. Before, during, and after donating to or volunteering with an organization, reevaluate your mindset and enter into service with humility. We are all human, and service is about uniting in community to create a better life for all. This excerpt below outlines the importance of distinguishing between “helping” and “serving.” The difference is profound and differentiates what I like to call “selfish service”– the kind that only feels good and is all about you and your experience– from altruism … Continue reading Helping Versus Serving: The Linguistics of Altruism

Why Sacrifice is Good: The Art of Giving Up and Letting Go

blue_realse_clouds_220520_lOne of the biggest things humans have trouble doing is sacrificing.

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The art of giving up and letting go for the long haul seems almost foreign to us. Why, after all, would you give up something of value when you don’t have to? Continue reading “Why Sacrifice is Good: The Art of Giving Up and Letting Go”

Every Day, Something New

Catch the latest audio version of this blog!  If you look at every day as revealing something new,  then your life will be filled with joy.  It is that simple. There is no “same old, same old”… There is no humdrum.  There is no “boring”. In fact, “boring” was a swear word according to my beloved Oma. My grandmother was a prolific influence in my life. She was the first female woodwind at the Juilliard School for Music in New York and she was extremely perseverant in making her career happen. You can read more about her in the New York Times, … Continue reading Every Day, Something New

Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

By Nancy Baah On Sunday, May 8, children of all ages in the US will show gratitude to their mom with gifts, flowers, or a “vacation day” from motherly duties. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we at UniversalGiving would like to take the time to show appreciation for awesome mothers around the world by saying, “Thank you!” Moreover, while it is important to thank the mothers in our own lives for all they do, UniversalGiving would like to highlight the challenges many mother’s face globally. To get involved with helping a mother in need, UniversalGiving invites you to take advantage of the giving opportunities below: … Continue reading Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

SCA and American Express Celebrate Earth Day at Golden Gate

383 Bay Area Community Members Join Together to Give Back By The SCA Blog  SCA celebrated Earth Day and National Park Week joined by 383 community members from across the Bay Area. Over 250 volunteers came out to iconic and historic Lands End in San Francisco, and over 130 volunteers made their way to beautiful Tennessee Valley in the Marin Headlands to mark Earth Day and celebrate the National Park Service Centennial. This event was the first Bay Area project in a series of Find Your Park Day of Service events across the nation hosted by SCA in partnership with American … Continue reading SCA and American Express Celebrate Earth Day at Golden Gate

The Grass is Greenest Where Your Water It

rice-field-387715_640“The grass is greenest where you water it. Successful couples have learned to resist the grass is greener myth – i.e. someone else will make me happy. They have learned to put their energy into making themselves and their marriage better.”

-Mitch Temple

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Let’s be focused on how green we can make our grass!

Truly wouldn’t that be lovely?  If we all focused on what we have — the wonderful family or our friends who are like family; the job, or the opportunity to explore something new; the husband or the opportunity to date and find the right person – what a joy-filled world we would have!  And a joyful world starts with each one of our own little worlds. Continue reading “The Grass is Greenest Where Your Water It”