Actions Speak Louder Than Money Pt. 1

We’ve all heard the saying: “Actions speak louder than words,” but in the case of today’s corporate world, it is popularly becoming: “Actions speak louder than money.” At the forefront of that change, you will find three words: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A recent study, conducted by Cone Communications/Ebiquity on Global CSR, showed that 9 out of 10 consumers expect companies to operate having current social and environmental issues in mind, diverting from a purely profit-oriented performance. Nonetheless, it should be clear that none of these aspects have to be sacrificed for the other—especially not in regards to questioning authenticity. … Continue reading Actions Speak Louder Than Money Pt. 1

When A Present Meets Practicality

By Sarah Scott This past Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the UniversalGiving team came together to create 24 care packages filled with items like bottled water, toothpaste, chapstick, and granola bars. Everyone signed up to bring a 24-count of one or two items (i.e. 24 toothbrushes) so as to evenly distribute the cost of these presents. The result? In order to learn about how such an amazing project came about, I turned to the Manager of Corporate Client Services at UniversalGiving, Xouhoa Bowen, for the insider scoop. Xouhoa came up with the idea for this event during an office brainstorm where the team tried to come to … Continue reading When A Present Meets Practicality

The UniversalGiving Vision

The UniversalGiving vision is to “Create a World Where Giving and Volunteering are a Natural Part of Everyday Life.”™ We hope that our mission can inspire others the way it inspired Marina! Here is her testimonial: I needed to have an internship because of my school, and when I saw the UG vision, I knew I would love to be part of it. Being able to work at a place where somehow I’m helping to create a better world is so gratifying. The process of doing the interview was really great, too. The people who I talked to were very … Continue reading The UniversalGiving Vision

A Lesson in Giving From the Great Depression

By Cheryl Mahoney Many have made comparisons between our current economic situation and the Great Depression of the 1930s.  I recently read a wonderful article in The New York Times that took a slightly different angle on this subject: looking back to the Great Depression for an example of how to give during a hard time. Ted Gup wrote an Op-Ed piece for The Times about a story of giving from the Great Depression.  Just before Christmas in 1933, a letter appeared in the local newspaper in Canton, Ohio, inviting those in need of relief to write in with their … Continue reading A Lesson in Giving From the Great Depression

Give, Bond, Support!

Yesterday, our CEO Pamela Hawley bought the UniversalGiving team Chinese food for lunch! It was great to sit down together and have a meal to relax from work. At UniversalGiving, we cherish these moments when we can share our unique experiences and draw connections and similarities. For Thanksgiving, we hope that you find time to sit down with those who support you to talk about the little things, the big issues, and the humanity that brings us all together. Looking for giving opportunities to support food access around the world in honor of Thanksgiving? Check out the three below! Provide food for an … Continue reading Give, Bond, Support!

NGO Spotlight: Kickstart International

Have you traveled to Africa? When we hear this word, most of us think of the elephants and the giraffes of the savannah, the peaks of Kilimanjaro, or the beaches of Cote d’Ivoire. These amazing sights make it easy to lose track of the small-scale farmers that make up 80% of those living in poverty. These families often find that hard work is not enough to combat low rainfall and water shortages. How do you make use of the water you have? And how do you create sustainability? Kickstart International brings irrigation tools and techniques to sub-saharan Africa to rejuvenate these … Continue reading NGO Spotlight: Kickstart International