The Struggle for an Education

By Michelle Liu In 2008, I traveled to China and only planned to visit my relatives. However, the trip turned into a much more meaningful experience. When I visited the countryside where my family used to live, I noticed many young children in the area were not at school, but working out in the rice field with their parents. I had the opportunity to talk to the children and their parents. It was heartbreaking to learn that their family did not have the money to send them to school. Although most of the parents wanted their children to get an … Continue reading The Struggle for an Education

Helping Versus Serving: The Linguistics of Altruism

By Morgan DeLuce An integral part of engaging in philanthropy is understanding your position of privilege when you enter into a relationship of service. Before, during, and after donating to or volunteering with an organization, reevaluate your mindset and enter into service with humility. We are all human, and service is about uniting in community to create a better life for all. This excerpt below outlines the importance of distinguishing between “helping” and “serving.” The difference is profound and differentiates what I like to call “selfish service”– the kind that only feels good and is all about you and your experience– from altruism … Continue reading Helping Versus Serving: The Linguistics of Altruism

Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

By Nancy Baah On Sunday, May 8, children of all ages in the US will show gratitude to their mom with gifts, flowers, or a “vacation day” from motherly duties. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we at UniversalGiving would like to take the time to show appreciation for awesome mothers around the world by saying, “Thank you!” Moreover, while it is important to thank the mothers in our own lives for all they do, UniversalGiving would like to highlight the challenges many mother’s face globally. To get involved with helping a mother in need, UniversalGiving invites you to take advantage of the giving opportunities below: … Continue reading Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

SCA and American Express Celebrate Earth Day at Golden Gate

383 Bay Area Community Members Join Together to Give Back By The SCA Blog  SCA celebrated Earth Day and National Park Week joined by 383 community members from across the Bay Area. Over 250 volunteers came out to iconic and historic Lands End in San Francisco, and over 130 volunteers made their way to beautiful Tennessee Valley in the Marin Headlands to mark Earth Day and celebrate the National Park Service Centennial. This event was the first Bay Area project in a series of Find Your Park Day of Service events across the nation hosted by SCA in partnership with American … Continue reading SCA and American Express Celebrate Earth Day at Golden Gate

HeForShe: Building a World without Gender Barriers

By Morgan DeLuce   Why is “feminism” a movement only for women? It’s a question that has garnered a lot of attention recently. Many have seen the magenta photos of Emma Watson as the face of the UN Women’s HeForShe movement, which promotes gender equality as a human issue that must be tackled by everyone, men and women alike. The San Francisco chapter of the U.S. National Committee threw a celebration in honor of the men in our community who are working to promote gender equality and enact real change for women. The HeForShe Champions for Change Celebration was held at the beautiful … Continue reading HeForShe: Building a World without Gender Barriers

How One Day Changed my Life

by Kerry Rodgers “While traveling in South Africa 6 years ago, I volunteered for one day at a wonderful non-profit in a township outside of Cape Town. It was serendipitous, as one of my traveling companions had a personal connection and invited us to join him for the afternoon. The experience was transformational – I walked away deeply inspired about the work of community-based nonprofits. Although we were only there for a couple hours, I became an ongoing supporter of the organization. It occurred to me that this one day was a win-win: the nonprofit had a new contributor and, for … Continue reading How One Day Changed my Life