Develop Africa: Sustainable Development in Action

UniversalGiving® is proud to partner with worthy organizations committed to sustainable, meaningful, and impactful development. Our mission is to connect people all over the globe to quality giving and volunteer opportunities worldwide. That mission is why we are so excited to announce a generous corporate donation to one of our incredible partner organizations: Develop Africa

Sylvester Renner, the president of Develop Africa, was deeply touched to receive this donation, courtesy of our corporate partner TriOptima. Here are his words on UniversalGiving’s role and on what the donation will mean to Develop Africa:



UniversalGiving has been a key, valued partner of Develop Africa since 2007. UniversalGiving has helped connect us with hundreds of donor and volunteers. We are deeply grateful for the kind assistance they have provided over the years. We would not have been able to reach and touch as many lives without their exemplary assistance and support.

In June this year, UniversalGiving played a key role in connecting Develop Africa with a significant anonymous donation of $33,975. This donation will help us to expand its provision of computer access and computer training to children, youths and adults in Sierra Leone. This will take place at the new Creating Pathways Centre that will be launched in September / October this year. The CPC will include a modern 20-seat computer lab, connected to the internet.

The CPC, when fully operational, ambitiously plans to provide the following services:

1.  Basic Computer Training and Access to a Library of Video Tutorials: We have put together an extensive library of video tutorials that will be available on the local network. This will support learning in a range of school and college-related disciplines and other areas such as public health, Ebola safety, business development etc.

2.  Access to Global E-Learning Opportunities: Globally, learning online is projected to continue to grow exponentially.  We plan to support and encourage students to register for international online courses and degrees. There are a growing number of universities that offer courses and degrees online.

3.  Help Small Business Owner Establish Websites: Many small businesses in Sierra Leone could expand their business and get other customers through a website. We plan to offer training and provide a portal where business owners can easily create a website.

4.  Provide School Children With Access to Online Supplemental Training: Several sites offer online training through paid subscriptions that are beyond the reach of the average Sierra Leonean. We plan to cover the subscription costs of selected sites. This access will supplement the learning of children, helping them to excel in school.

5.  Provide Access to Continuing Medical Education: Medical doctors need on-going access to medical training.  We are in discussions with doctors in the US and in Freetown regarding using this centre for accessing online seminars and workshops. Many conferences and training sessions are broadcast online and we plan to invite doctors to participate / attend and benefit from online sessions.

6.  Train College Faculty in Putting Their Courses Online: Most, if not all of the local universities, currently do not have their courses online. This is something we have the expertise to do and can offer this training free to Faculty.

7.  Provide a Facility For Telepresence and Telecolaboration: We are hoping to establish a location where individuals and small businesses can access communicate real time and collaborate online with others globally.

8. Provide Access to Online Opportunities: There are many opportunities that are only accessible online – such as freelance jobs. We plan to ensure the young adults and business owners in Sierra Leone become aware of and are exposed to these opportunities.

Our goal is to create a model pilot environment that will be an example throughout Africa. We welcome additional support that will help us provide all these services and also launch other centres.

Warm regards,

Sylvester Renner

President of Develop Africa


If you’d like to donate or learn more about this deserving organization, click here to see their information page on UniversalGiving.

If you’d like to learn more about what UniversalGiving does click here, and if you’d like to register your organization click here.


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