The Fight for Right

By: Andrea Xu Despite the monumental obstacles the world has overcome in recent decades in pushing for universal human rights, there are still some rights yet to be practiced by certain populations in the world, some which may be seen as a rudimentary and fundamental right. For the women in Saudi Arabia, the right to choose her spouse is exactly one right they have yet to exercise. In Saudi Arabia, choosing a spouse is not solely up to the woman, but rather is dictated by her father and brothers, with them usually pressuring her to marry a cousin. This inability … Continue reading The Fight for Right

Profile of Pernille Ironside, Protector of Endangered Children

By Bridget Botelho, Marketing Specialist One of the greatest challenges to modern society is the struggle to resolve conflicts of war and protect those involved.  In certain countries, modern warfare includes the abuse of children, through their involvement as soldiers, military support and sex slaves. Endangered children have been one of the most important global causes being attended to by international organizations and relief efforts. But this crisis has yet to be resolved. Luckily, Pernille Ironside has accomplished extraordinary feats in rescuing child soldiers and other children in areas of need. Through her work at UNICEF, Ironside worked in the … Continue reading Profile of Pernille Ironside, Protector of Endangered Children

UniversalGiving’s™ interview with Charyit!

By Jeremy Kenton, Marilyn Lin, and Ranjani Shanker

Recently, Ranjani Shanker of UniversalGiving™ was privileged to interview co-founders of Charyit, Jeremy Kenton and Marilyn Lin. Charyit is an early-stage, pre-seed company with the intention of allowing consumers to interact with corporations through recent content aggregated from media sites across the web.

Q: Story of Charyit – How and who made it happen?

LIN:  The idea started when corporations began to focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and place more emphasis on the importance of social media to their brands.  We asked ourselves, “How likely are we to support a company’s brand in the future based on their recent actions?”  And, “If a large population of consumers are also aware of these actions, would the masses be able to influence the plans of or affect a corporation’s “triple bottom line” (people, planet and profit)?”

KENTON: We recognized the significant momentum building around CSR, with companies and consumers using social media to discuss their initiatives. People within our networks post articles about how companies are interacting with society, both positively and negatively. Because posting an article on Facebook lacks permanence, we created Charyit to change that.

LIN:  We want to provide a linkage between the public’s comments on corporate actions back to those corporations.  Charyit aggregates stories on the economic, environmental and social fronts.  Leveraging social media and crowd-sourcing, we offer the public the ability to interact with the news content and influence a company’s future actions.

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Capturing a Single Day

By Cheryl Mahoney Did you ever wish you could preserve a single day?  Wrap it up neatly and take it out to look at whenever you wanted to?  In a way, that’s what One Day on Earth is trying to do–and the day they’re preserving is October 10th, 2010: 10/10/10. One Day on Earth intends to create a visual snapshot of life on our planet during a single day.  They have invited people all over the world to contribute videos, capturing thousands of perspectives.  The footage will all go into an online archive, which will be available to participants.  Footage … Continue reading Capturing a Single Day

The Story of Aisha…

By: Lillian Wang On my usual Tuesday, I’ll go down to the mailbox and grab the mail, happily receiving my weekly Times Magazine. Times has been educating me since junior high, and continues to do so. But this week was different. While the famous red border was present in all its glory, what really caught my eye was the hauntingly deep picture of 18-year old Aisha. Times Magazine brilliantly put Aisha and her story as the cover and headlining story, which was written by Aryn Baker. Before even opening the crisp Times Magazine, I just stared at the cover. Stared … Continue reading The Story of Aisha…

Willie Nelson

By: Lillian Wang I felt like an incredible disaster this morning: I got off on the wrong stop at BART, I woke up late, I did not have cash on me to pay for my BART ticket, I forgot my cellphone at home, and I arrived to work late. In my head, this morning suddenly made my day come crashing down around me- it sucked. But arriving at work, I began reading an article Pamela (our wonderful CEO) had assigned me. It was about Willie Nelson and his organization, the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute. As UG Team Member, Ranjani, … Continue reading Willie Nelson

Productive Sisterhood – Enhancing international ties

By Ranjani Shanker When I first heard about sister cities, my first reaction was “WOW!” It sounded so exciting and as I tried to understand more, I saw this fabulous concept to be so global in nature and yet so local in flavor!  Truly glocal As defined by the Sister Cities International, “a sister city, county or state relationship is a broad-based, officially approved, long-term partnership between two communities, counties or states in two countries.  A sister city, county or state relationship becomes official with a signing ceremony of the top-elected officials of the two local jurisdictions, following approval by the local city councils … Continue reading Productive Sisterhood – Enhancing international ties